10 short anime series you can watch in one day

The great franchises are interesting, but nothing is better enjoyed than a short anime that knows how to fill us with energy, love, sadness or any emotion with just a few chapters. These are the 10 short anime that you need in your life.

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flcl anime 10 short anime series
FLCL is an exciting and eccentric anime odyssey | Source: GAINAX

Episodes: 6

Studio: GAINAX

You don’t need more information to want to watch this anime than the following introduction: Naota is your typical anime loser who lives the usual boring life, until a woman comes from space and smashes his face with a guitar , which From that moment on, he makes a fighting robot come out of his forehead.

Sonny Boy

sonny boy anime 10 short anime series
Sonny Boy, the anime to start with if you don’t know anything about existentialism | Source: Madhouse

Episodes: 12

Studio: Madhouse

The short anime is something that we generally see as a kind of self-contained story and that’s how it is in Sonny Boy, with the difference that you don’t know what happens when it starts or when it ends . This anime is made based on ideas of the existentialist doctrine in such an organic way, that if you have a master’s degree in philosophy this will be a reference work for any study, but if you don’t know anything… you will end up with your head blown up in a satisfactory way.


odd taxi anime 2021 10 short anime series
ODDTAXI, the black furry novel that you didn’t know you needed | Source: PICS

Episodes: 13

Studio: PICS

ODDTAXI is surely one of the best anime in the entire 21st century . It has everything you expect from a dark story that takes place in a modern city, which is on the edge between reality and fiction all the time. Odokawa as the protagonist is everything you expect and this story knows how to generate narrative twists so successfully that you will always want more.


given mafuyu 10 short anime series
Mafuyu manages to get out of his darkness with music and love | Source: Milk

Episodes: 11

Studio: Lerche

How beautiful love is, more than ever in spring. With just 11 episodes, Given puts so many topics into perspective that you can watch it 10 times and you’ll always find something else to talk about . Love, suicide, the survivor’s dilemma, mathrock, the unfair music industry, discrimination in Japan, homophobia in Asian culture after opening up to the West… everything is here waiting for you.

Serial Experiments Lain

serial experiments lain anime
You’re not ready for what Serial Experiments Lain has to give | Source: Triangle Staff

Episodes: 13

Studio: Triangle Staff

Life Is a Dream has its short anime version and it is this … more or less. Serial Experiments Lain is a story in which reality and dream behave in a homologous and parallel way , however it is difficult to distinguish which is true after a while. We cannot guarantee that one is the other and vice versa and that is what you will question yourself for 13 episodes here.

Ping Pong The Animation

ping pong the animation
A portrait of what practicing a sport means | Source: Tatsunoko Production

Episodes: 11

Studio: Tatsunoko Production

All the wonderful and bizarre style of Masaaki Yuasa is in Ping Pong The Animation , a work he made based on the manga by Taiyo Matsumoto . Here, the implications of what sport represents are raw and wild, from what talent means to how complicated it is to understand high-level sports development.

The Promised Neverland (S1)

the promised neverland s1
We all know that The Promised Neverland only has one season | Source: CoverWorks

Episodes: 12

Studio: ColverWorks

No matter what anyone tells you, remember that The Promised Neverland only has one season and it’s wonderful . Just as we pretend that Dragon Ball GT does not exist, here we have to do a similar exercise, because the first season of this great manga was an odyssey of emotion and terror that has no comparison with its similar ones .

Darwin’s Game

darwins game
Extreme Candy Crush Doesn’t Look So Fun in Darwin’s Game | Source: Nexus

Episodes: 11

Studio: Nexus

If you are a fan of action and role-playing sagas, this is definitely your place. Darwin’s Game is a short anime in which a video game takes place in real life and, obviously, it is not as much fun as it can be behind the screen. However , the way he manages to make his world logical makes it also a great action piece with characters that are not only interesting, but also perfectly developed.

Pop Team Epic

pop team epic anime bizarro
Don’t be fooled by its surface | Source: Kamikaze Doga

Episodes: 12

Studio: Kamikaze Doga

Irony is one of the favorite resources of the Japanese to make comedy and Pop Team Epic is the culmination and the pinnacle of what we understand as funny in this same industry. This duo, born from classic comic strips, is exactly the form of animation you deserve after carefully analyzing all the details of Evangelion and Hideaki Anno’s 30 interviews.

Eve no Jikan

eve no jikan anime
Eve no Jikan will make you wonder where humanity begins and where it ends | Source: Studio Rikka

Episodes: 6

Studio: Rikka Studio

Again wondering and questioning where our humanity is is a theme in Eve no Jikan. This small anime, divided into six small but very rich chapters, turns a cafe where there are no differences between humans and robots into the center of a philosophical and technological discussion that will come to our lives at some point.

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