100 Years Quest and the obsession with Touka, who is she and why do we want to see her in the anime?

In September 2021, Fairy Tail lovers received the best news. After establishing itself as a bestseller, the sequel manga Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest It would have an anime adaptation. However, time passed and fans did not hear from the project again until this week.

Those responsible for the work took their time, but in the end it was confirmed that This series, animated by JC Staff, will debut next July Worldwide. After this news, the followers of the story devised by Hiro Mashima recovered the illusion they thought they had lost, and soon began to talk a lot about such a thing. Touka. Who is this character and why will he be important? That’s something I want to address today.

Touka, the key character of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest


Today lFans are really looking forward to seeing what Touka will be like in the animated adaptation of Fairy Tail: 100 Year Questand this is because he ended up becoming one of the most beloved figures of the original manga.

  • Touka is a character who is first introduced in chapter 1 from the Fairy Tail sequel; is about a young magician who wants to join Natsu and company’s guild✅
  • this girl develops a tremendous obsession with Happyof whom it is sensed that he is in love at the same level that Juvia is with Grey💖💖💖
  • But this is not the most incredible thing about the character, it turns out that [OJO QUE SE VIENEN SPOILERS] Touka is a exceed (Happy’s race) who shares a body with a powerful centuries-old mage named Faris 😯😯
  • On the one hand, Touka has good intentions and he just wants to live with Happy, while on the other, Faris intends to infiltrate and steal all the magic of Fairy Tail👼🏻😈
  • The introduction of this character, which has a well-marked duality, was the subject of very positive reviews by the fans; They adore Touka, they find her a fascinating figure and they are looking forward to seeing her in action in the new anime✅👍🏻

At the moment we have no news about the supporting actress who will play Touka in the Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest anime. We will surely know all the details throughout the imminent spring. Do you want to see this series?

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*cover image made using a fan-made illustration created by the artist er-fox89

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