16bit Sensation Manga Will Be Adapted To Anime


16bit Sensation Manga Will Be Adapted To Anime

During the Comic Market 101 held in Tokyo last Friday and Saturday, it was announced with the distribution of some paper shopping bags that the manga 16bit Sensation: Watashi to Minna ga Tsukutta Bishōjo Game It will be adapted to the anime. A short time later the mangaka tamiki wakaki confirmed the news in his official Twitter account posting one commemorative illustration.

16bit Sensation commemorative illustration

Wakaki, known for being the author of the manga The World God Only Knowshas been writing this manga since 2016 based on the personal experience of misato mitsumi Y Tatsuki Amazuyu during his time working for the visual novel developer AQUAPLUS. Although it originally began as a self-published work, the publisher kadokawa began its printed publication in 2020, counting today with 2 volumes in the Japanese market.

16bit Sensation vol 1

Meiko Uehara, a college student, started working part-time at a computer store in 1992. Behind the scenes, however, the store was an erotic game manufacturer specializing in bishoujo games. Meiko, a talented artist, is suddenly hired as a substitute graphic designer after the staff flees, despite the fact that she has never drawn an R-18 illustration before.

Will he be able to complete the eroge successfully? With a 16-bit PC as a partner, she begins her career as a creator.

Fountain: ANN


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