28 Manga Barcelona – Fourth day

28 Manga Barcelona – Fourth day

And almost without flinching, the fourth of the 28 Manga Barcelona. Still with the hangover from the licensing festival the day before, the newsroom got underway to finish off the event in style. However, even if it was the last day was not without emotion.

Despite the number of licenses from the previous day, Sunday morning also left a good battery of announcements. above all highlight Arechi Manga that reinforces its catalog with more boys love, yuri, shojosei and manga classics. Among these, undoubtedly highlight cat’s eye, Attacker YOU!! two off the charts Y 8-nin no Senshiwhich will have as its provisional title saber fight.

Licenses aside, unlike on Saturday, it was much calmer with a interesting interview a comic planet (which you can see in its entirety on our channel Youtube), visits to stands to make the last purchases and goodbyes until the following year.

Since Ramen for Two, we want to thank you for the support you have given us in a marathon coverage. A support that encourages us to continue improving and that the 29 Manga Barcelona Live an even better experience with us.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! We read each other in the comments and social networks!

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