3 reasons to be excited about the new anime in the franchise

October 2024 will be when we can see for the first time “Dragon Ball Daima“, the new anime of the work of Akira Toriyama which the author himself has been in charge of putting together in full. After a few years with the franchise completely paralyzed beyond the ‘Broly’ and ‘Super Hero’ films, the truth is that the announcement caught more than one person by surprise. In fact, there was anger because this was not “Dragon Ball Super 2.” However, I bring 3 reasons to be excited about this new bet of the franchise.

Dragon Ball Daima’s animation may be the best in the entire history of the franchise

“Dragon Ball” has had periods of fascinating animation, and I personally highlight the stage of “Dragon Ball Z” around the Majin Buu saga as well as the more recent era, especially for “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” and yes , also “Super Hero”. Because even if the latter was in a CGI that many do not like, the reality is that Toei Animation did an exceptional job with it. Having said that, “Dragon Ball Daima” has the opportunity to surpass everything seen before.

To say something like this I cling to two arguments: the first, that You just have to look at the state of “One Piece” during the Wano arc. Toei Animation got to work like never before and left an animation, design and art direction that had NEVER been previously seen in “One Piece”. But obviously just because things are going well with “One Piece” doesn’t mean that the case will be the same with “Dragon Ball Daima.”

The modern era of One Piece gives hope for the new Dragon Ball anime

That is why I am obliged to mention the following names:

  • Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru
  • Naohiro Shintani
  • Chikashi Kubota
  • Yuya Takahashi

Who are they? Well precisely the most important names that have participated in the entire history of the “Dragon Ball” animecombining precisely the best era of “Dragon Ball Z” that I mention with the peaks of “Dragon Ball Super”. They are all together now in “Dragon Ball Daima”so it seems to me that trusting that this anime is going to look spectacular is almost an obligation.

New Dragon Ball worlds to explore

The plot of “Dragon Ball Daima” leaves us with the main idea that Son Goku must defeat those who have turned him and all his friends into children. However, to do something like this it will be necessary travel to different planets never visited before by the protagonists of “Dragon Ball”. And that’s really where enormous wealth can emerge.

namek dragon ball
Namek is one of the most incredible alien settings that Dragon Ball has left us

Because in case anyone hasn’t noticed, “Dragon Ball” is a work of fiction in which alien races and interplanetary locations have always been a major joy. That is to say, characters like the Saiyans, the Namekians, or even the mysterious race of Beerus are everything one would consider aliens. Additionally, locations like Namek or Planet Vegeta have always had a great weight in “Dragon Ball” lore, so The possibility that something similar awaits us in “Dragon Ball Daima” is, to say the least, intriguing.

A breath of fresh air to Dragon Ball combat

There was a time long ago when “Dragon Ball” power levels made sense. It was even possible to track them properly using the specialized tools of the Saiyan race. However, this is something that has not been possible for many years. The reason? that began to arrive transformations one after another and visibly most characters nowadays should be able to destroy an entire planet on their own. and it is there where “Dragon Ball Daima” can present something different.

dragon ball daima
Dragon Ball Daima must be VERY original to compensate for the loss of power of the characters

As seen in the anime’s presentation teaser, Goku must fight using his legendary magic staff. This in itself seems to clearly say that his power has been savagely reduced, so it is quite doubtful that we are going to see an Ultra Instinct child Goku as happened at the time in GT with child Goku and Super Saiyan 3. What is it like? Is this something positive? Well because if the battles of “Dragon Ball Daima” want to be up to par despite the clear decline in power, this implies that the choreographies must be among the best in memory.

We are talking about the fact that “Dragon Ball Daima” will not be able to rely on launching enormous bursts of Ki or techniques that can wipe out an entire mountain in the blink of an eye. If the teaser doesn’t deceive us, Goku won’t have that kind of power by then, and in fact Toriyama-sensei already warns that the fights will be different what we have become accustomed to. In this sense, “Dragon Ball Daima” aims to be an anime with a very physical action, and taking into account the entertainers that we will have for this occasion, I really hope to see incredibly fluid combats and in which each impact is different from the previous one.

Honestly, I think there are 3 compelling reasons to give “Dragon Ball Daima” a chance. Only aesthetically I think the anime will be exceptional, and where I do believe this project should win over the public will be in the issue of combat.. Because as much as I can say, the reality is that we have become accustomed to ‘more and more and more‘ in terms of power, but because that has been the direction that “Dragon Ball” itself has taken. In this sense, it remains to be seen if this step back actually allows us to take an important step forward.

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