3 reasons why you should watch this anime with adult romances

In recent days we have been able to enjoy several of the most notable anime premieres of the winter season 2024. Classroom of the Elite III, Solo Leveling and Mashle These are some of the series that I had on my radar, but after reading more than one recommendation on the Internet I I decided to give a chance to a work titled A Sign of Affection. Wise choice.

I think it’s been a while since I really enjoyed a romantic anime (perhaps the last one was The Quintuplets), and that’s why I wanted to find a work that was different from the dozens of productions that come out every year and that practically present the same old clichés. And maybe over time I will end up disenchanted, but the truth is that the beginning of A Sign of Affection gave me JUST what I asked for.

Three reasons to watch A Sign of Affection

A Sign of Affection

Below I offer you three reasons why I encourage you to give this anime a chance prepared by the studio Ajia-do:

A story with adult characters

The vast majority of love stories in anime feature high school students who always have the same concerns. In A Sign of Affection we have protagonists who are already in university, who have concerns related to the adult world, who drink alcohol and who do not abuse “cheap comedy” too much. It’s not that common to come across scenarios like this, which is why I love to see that they continue to arise from time to time.


A more Western approach to social relations

In episode 1 of the series it is clear that Itsuomi is a boy who doesn’t mess around and that he skips all that paraphernalia of feeling ashamed when having girls around, holding their hands or expressing his feelings to them without any type of shame. Likewise, Rin (Yuki’s friend) also proves to be quite direct when asking the number of the boy she likes at the first opportunity.

In general it is appreciated that In A Sign of Affection the social relationships seem to be much more Western/adult, and without losing that kawaii touch how well it suits this type of productions. There is a good balance.


Very fashionable designs that exude personality

Another aspect that I really like about A Sign of Affection is that by having adult characters who no longer need to wear school uniforms, they appear on stage with very fashionable outfits that give them a great personality. They all look like they came from Vogue or Cosmopolitan and have a lot of style.


I could also have pointed out the differentiating factor of having a deaf protagonist who perceives the world differently than the audience, but I preferred to give more prominence to the other sections.

Have you been curious and now you want to see A Sign of Affection (Yubisaki to Renren)? Well, I inform you that You can watch the anime legally and in good quality from Crunchyroll.

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