3 sad moments in a Christmas atmosphere

Anime: 3 sad moments in a Christmas atmosphere

The anime has everything, and although, The snowy environment predisposes to a somewhat colder energy – particularly when outdoors – and it also tends to have very warm moments. Although if you go through a bad time and you’re hungry and cold, well, life gets really difficult.

It is not with the desire to be bitter, but let’s remember a couple of sad anime scenes that are adorned with the beautiful weather snowy, because at the end of the day, they give us the most beautiful scenes. Below are the most endearing moments – but remember that you may encounter some kind of spoiler, because we are talking about very specific scenes.

3 anime scenes that will mark your Christmas atmosphere

To Your Eternity

No, well, the truth is that the beginning of To Your Eternity It will remind you that freezing is really terrible and perhaps the cold team will want to rethink their desire to prefer that climate. Let us remember that, Both the cold and loneliness can be deadly, so let’s value our roof and our company a lot. –online friends, pets, family–.

The beginning of To Your Eternity It shows us an orphaned boy with his little dog. Winter is at its most terrible and both will die, yet A strange entity from another world takes over the young man’s corpse, although he had previously tried to accompany him through his pet.

The first minutes are quite sad, so the atmosphere wouldn’t really be festive, just cold, right? Remember that as long as you are here, a better Christmas could come. So don’t be too sad if they weren’t your best parties.

Demon Slayer

The beginning of Demon Slayer It is also careful. Tanjiro, our charismatic protagonist, will go off to sell coal to keep his family warm in the middle of a cold winter. However, upon his return he will find each of his family massacred by demons.

There is only one survivorNezuko, one of his sisters, whom he will carry in the middle of the dense snow, in search of help. After that, the girl will attack him and we will see Tanjiro’s breath in the middle of a very un-Christmas scene – as we are used to -.

5 centimeters per second

The movie of 5 centimeters per second It’s pretty bittersweet.and in reference to the anime with tragic demebrino scenarios, let us remember one of the occasions in which the protagonists are separated on the train, with the promise of life to reunite them at some point.

There are also good moments in the anime that have a Christmas atmosphere
Source: CoMix Wave Films

The boys walk together and say goodbye after a day of pleasant conversation. However, not all stories have happy endings and the strange farewell foretold it. Don’t you think?

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There are also good moments in the anime that have a Christmas atmosphere

Well, we know that all is not lost. There are many anime in which Christmas dates turn out perfectly or at least give us a much more joyful kind of warmth. However, on this occasion I want to dedicate this section to the precious moment when Saku, a rather careless young office worker, finds a black kitten in the middle of the snow, after which she decides to adopt him. From this moment we will meet Yukichi, who will be in charge of enchanting our days.

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today has a beautiful Christmas atmosphere scene.
Source: Kodansha

In case you don’t know it, we are talking about the anime of The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Todayan installment that arrived in the summer of 2023. It is one of the most flirtatious kitten anime that you can find in the installments of the year.

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