5 anime to watch if you liked the saga

John Wick: 5 anime to watch if you liked the saga

The saga of John Wick it’s marvelous. The action was never lacking and the emotion was maintained until the last moment. It is one of the unmatched sagas that is consolidated as realistic and detailed action. Furthermore, the ostentatious and bright style of each installment is quite striking and invites us to enter the universe full of chaos, destruction and blood.

We must remember that the new spin off could arrive in 2024 and while we wait for it I think we could see some anime titles that put us in the mood. Without further ado, I’ll tell you.

The anime you should see if you liked John Wick

Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon It presents us with an island full of gangsters with their guilds. The coast of Thailand is home to the Italian mafia, the Moscow commune, the Chinese guild and the yakuza. The hired killers and the different families will have to face various conflicts.

Additionally, there are independent mercenaries: the Lagoon gang is special because they work prolifically. One day they will kidnap a young Japanese man who, after seeing the type of conflicts and hierarchies in his company, decides to join them.

The young man forges a particular bond with the most heartless gunfighter of unparalleled skill.

The world of Black Lagoon It is magnificent and is a must if you liked it John Wick.

Black Lagoon It has two seasons and is available on Crunchyroll. It will definitely fill you with bullets like the universe of John Wick.

Trigun Stampede

In a post-apocalyptic universe full of dangers and unknown forces, a ship will have to face unthinkable adversities that cannot even be outlined.

Survival will also have to do with unknown weapons and movements full of excitement and fast bullets. Humanity hangs by a bloody thread.

Notably trigun (1997) – 27 episodes distributed over two seasons – and the newest installment Trigun Stampede (2023) – twelve chapters – are available on the Crunchyroll platform.


Hellsing is mostly known for focusing on Alucard, one of the most impressive characters – who belongs to the imaginary of the world of vampires. Alucard stands out for his personality and ability.

However, silver bullets aimed at the heart of a being of the night can also make him say goodbye to eternity in a couple of minutes.

Hellsing focuses on Alucard and Victoria, a girl who becomes a vampire. However, there is much more than that, because a political and inheritance conflict is experienced in the organization.

The organization of military force has different objectives and enemies, this panorama allows us to expect a dance of gunpowder in each episode. Hellsing It is a classic anime that everyone must have seen at least once in their life.

Furthermore, Alucard’s face gives him an air of John Wick, they do not believe? Although, of course, Johnatan’s personality and motives are very different from those of the vampire. However, his skill with firearms is quite similar, it should be noted that Wick seems immortal just like the good Alucard.


John Wick: 5 anime to watch if you liked the saga
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Baccano! is an anime series full of chaos and independence. Each of the stories occur in the same space without directly serving or intertwining. However, it is a mess full of riots that have to do with weapons.

On the one hand, we find the mafia in full combat, and on the other, scientists searching for the elixir of immortality. In this way, the character chases are memorable and of course, full of drama and action. The mafia is an uncontrollable force, and under the suburbs, in places that respect nothing more than the new laws imposed by the same bloody systems, life becomes chaotic but more exciting.

A dance of bullets is what we will find here; just like in the most inhospitable moments of John Wick.

Golgo 13

Golgo 13 He is a terrifying gunfighter, the Japanese James Bond, it is rumored out there. However, a dynamic – when accepting jobs – that is called into question and a more precise bestiality of action.

Golgo is a hitman who follows his own moral code, hence it can have poorly delineated lines and moments in which one rethinks good and evil.

Furthermore, the brand new gunman is very mysterious, no one knows his origin, nor is much of his own personality outlined. So with few words and masterful skill, Golgo gets rid of his orders. What do you think, will you give it a chance? Don’t you think he gives Wick a vibe?

This is the selection of anime that you might like if you enjoyed John Wick. An additional title is banana fish, there is also a lot of drama and gunpowder, however, it has a more romantic nuance and because of this it did not enter the main list. However, its mafia and firearms plot is certainly special.

We recommend you: John Wick, its director, is already working on making his anime

Where can I watch the John Wick movies?

At the moment, Amazon’s Prime Video catalog has all four installments of the saga available. John Wick. So you can start your marathon whenever you want, you won’t have to stop. Below are the available films:

  • John Wick – 2014
  • John Wick: Chapter Two – 2017
  • John Wick: Chapter Three Parabellum – 2019
  • John Wick: Chapter Four – 2023

Let us remember that the spin off of the saga has a launch window of 2024. It is supposed to adapt events that happen between Parabellum and the last film.

You can a round for Discord and don’t miss the news on Google news.

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