A fan creates an animation of Goku UI and Vegeta EU against Gas that gives us long teeth

Yeah, “Dragon Ball Super” is on hiatus and in a clear transition phase so we do not know when it will be published again. In the same way, it is to be assumed that many things are being rethought internally after the death of Akira Toriyama, so in any case it would not be wrong to say that if the return of the “Dragon Ball Super” anime already looks far away, perhaps now even more so. However, this does not prevent May fans of the franchise contribute their grain of sand as always..

This brutal animation of the Granolah arc shows how eager there is for the return of DB Super

Honors to those who deserve them, and that is why I have to mention @Nachairo99 as the main creator of this brutal animation. Besides @Easterhandz, @xDAZE_ and @MilesOnishi have been in charge of give voice to Goku, Vegeta and Gas respectively:

I think the main thing that can be said about this “Dragon Ball Super” fan animation is that it is an absolute passbut there are also some other things to comment on:

  • First of all, it once again demonstrates How VERY eager Dragon Ball Super fans are to see the animated Granolah arc. 😎
  • Although it is true that said arch received much more criticism than Moro’s and with good reason, personally I still think that what weighed most on it was the manga format. After all, it was an arc with a lot of action in which the plot advanced quite little by little through the many panels that occupied the combats. However, all that action will not only be more enjoyable in anime if it is recreated properly, but logically it will also happen more ‘quickly’. 🤔
  • On the other hand, returning to fan animation briefly, Don’t miss the detail of approximately the 34th second in which the figures of Beerus and Whis suddenly appear superimposed on those of Vegeta and Goku while they are changing into their states of Vegeta EU and Goku UI. Simply a spectacular wink. 🥰

Personally, I think at this point the earliest the “Dragon Ball Super” anime will return will be around 2026.. After all, with “Dragon Ball Daima” premiering this year, it seems unlikely that they would want to announce the anime’s return in 2025, knowing that this would take away most of the focus from what is now Toriyama-sensei’s last official work. Let no one doubt that the “Dragon Ball Super” anime will end up returning, in the end it is too attractive a license not to, but as always it is something to look at considering many possibilities.

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