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A fan is criticized after claiming that Akane’s thighs were “buffed”

Chainsaw Man - Akane Sawatari


In the eighth episode of Chainsaw Man a female character made her debut, a very formidable enemy and ally of the Ddemon Guns, which was aimed at Denji, which was accompanied by katana-man in attacking various groups of Demon hunters. We are obviously talking about a cute girl named Akane Sawatari who has a contract with him “Snake Demon”

Chainsaw Man - Akane Sawatari

On this occasion, in the spectacular ninth episode of Chainsaw Man where there was a lot of action on the part of Makima Y Kobenia fan named @hassansawren I notice some improvement in the anime version compared to the manga over Akane Sawatari.

In the episode we can notice a moment where Akane Sawatari She is leaning on her means of transportation, where she wears a sweater and short shorts, exposing her legs, specifically where we can see that her thighs are larger than in the manga.

Chainsaw Man - Akane Sawatari

Obviously, this is something very positive that has caused the fan to show appreciation towards MAPPA for giving it such a nice improvement that at first glance is “regular” in Chainsaw Man using the frame of the character Akane sawatari, who was one of the authors who led to give eternal rest to Himeno.

But many attacked this data, calling the user someone pathetic who has not seen a “woman” like other things, which has generalized the fandom of Chainsaw Man and anime fans like “cringe” and disgusting beings.

-Here some comments via twitter:

  • The only reason this show took off was because of the weirdos who are attracted to anime girls.
  • Not going to lie, I thought this tweet was about how it was used better in the anime than the manga. But instead, it was just his legs. I just started getting into Chainsaw Man, and all I’ve seen so far from the community is a bunch of simps. A little sad
  • These are normal legs, you go out and see a lot of girls dressed like this because it’s comfortable for them
  • It’s okay to enjoy Sawatari and appreciate her pretty legs. Ignore the prudes, enjoy the things you like
  • they are normal legs pretend a little that you never felt the warmth of a woman
  • Chainsaw Man fans, something normal of the most overrated anime of the year full of pure simp
  • They are normal legs, pretend a little that you never felt the warmth of a woman
  • Otakus Are So Open Now With Their Lack Of Female Contact It’s Annoying
  • Although I don’t like Chainsaw Man at all, I know that it has some positive things beyond the aesthetics. That’s why I hate that his fandom only spends time talking about the waifus and superficial things in the play.

Chainsaw Man - Akane Sawatari

It should be noted that the ninth episode It was very satisfactory and perfect for the audience, exceeding the expectations of many, accompanied by a great direction and sound while all the events experienced after the attack of the enemies took place. the anime of Chainsaw Man It’s still on the air and you can watch it legally on the platform crunchyroll.

Chainsaw Man Anime (Crunchyroll)
Chainsaw Man

the manga Chainsaw Man is written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimotoand began its publication through the weekly magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump which belongs to the publisher Shueisha since the month of December of the year 2018. When the manga Chainsaw Man came to an end in December 2020, the Shueisha publishing house would release the news that the work would have a second part that would begin to be published from July of this year and currently has 12 volumes. compilations published in total.

Also, the second part of the manga Chainsaw Man is available legally and free of charge through the service «Shōnen Jump+«.

On October 11 of this year, the manga Chainsaw Man would premiere its anime adaptation that will consist of a total of 12 episodes. Also, the animation studio MAPPA is in charge of producing the series under the direction of ryu nakayama and it will be available legally through the Crunchyroll platform, which announced the production of a Latin Spanish dubbing for the anime.

Synopsis for Chainsaw Man:

Denji has a simple dream: to live a happy and peaceful life, spending time with the girl he likes. However, this is far from the truth, as the yakuza force Denji to kill demons to pay off his crushing debts to his late father. Using his pet demon Pochita as a weapon, he is ready to do anything for a little money.

Unfortunately, he is killed by a demon in contract with the yakuza. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Pochita merges with Denji’s corpse and grants him the powers of a chainsaw.

Now capable of transforming parts of his body into chainsaws, a revived Denji uses his new abilities to quickly and brutally dispatch his enemies. Catching the attention of the official demon hunters who arrive on the scene, he is offered a job at the Public Security Bureau as one of them. Now with the means to take on even the toughest foes, Denji will stop at nothing to achieve his simple teenage dreams.



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