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A feminist protested against the breasts of the Pillar of Love

momi sako is a popular female feminist in Japan, who has campaigned for the foundation of Buenos dias, a service specialized in social good. This platform has supported various fundraising efforts to solve social problems in Japan, such as Study Coupon, an initiative to provide educational opportunities for children in Shibuya; the project Tattoo Trial, the first trial fee-related project in Japan; and DAWNbased on solving fashion problems.

Anyway, it was recently reported that this woman has deleted all her previous Twitter posts. Because? Well it turns out that was elected as a candidate in the Musashino City electionsso he had to remove anything that gave him a “bad name”, and one of these things is related to Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Both between Japanese and Westerners, Kimetsu no Yaiba is a franchise that has generated controversy, but for entirely different reasons. While westerners complain that “a certain character is a minor”, the japanese (those who complain) They protest against the sexualization of female characters.

This can be confirmed by the controversy that arose with Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!. Westerners did not stop complaining about the fact that Uzaki seemed underage to them, but the Japanese protested that she was “over-sexualized” and she even starred in official campaigns with the Red Cross.

Anyway, What does Momi Sako have to do with Kimetsu no Yaiba? Well, in January 2020, just a few months after the first season had ended, she wrote about Mitsuri Kanroji, the “Pillar of Love”:

  • I really enjoyed the “Kimetsu no Yaiba” series, but after seeing the “Pillar of Boobs” performance, I started to reconsider. Why does there have to be a character with big breasts and charisma, even if she’s not strong enough to be a Pillar? It’s always the same, why do they always have to portray someone like this? I couldn’t watch the rest of the series because I was furious and frustrated. Please illustrate the female characters as normal human beings.

It is natural that this has brought a variety of comments, notably:

  • «Is he selectively ignoring the existence of the more conservatively dressed Shinobu, whom we met much earlier in the series?».
  • «“Please illustrate the female characters as normal human beings.” Well, normal human beings also have boobs. She is the only one who takes it to heart».
  • «So is something human something that doesn’t have breasts? What am I then?».
  • «Insecure people jealous of other people more attractive than them. The basis of modern feminism».
  • «Considering she has pronouns in her Twitter description, I think she’s crazy. Japan does not need any politician who has this mentality».
  • «For the sake of Japan, these people should not have any position in the government, or they will end up the same as the West. In many countries on this side, idiots have the power».
  • «I’ve noticed that Japanese reviews are always about breasts, never about age. At least they’re better at it.».

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