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A manga surprises with ‘true northern ending’ — Kudasai

With its most recent chapter, the manga written and illustrated by Haruka HanoAni to Imouto no Shitai Shitai Shitai Koto (Brother and Sister Doing What They Really Want to Do)”, has reached its conclusion. It is a work with an ecchi and drama theme that captivated Internet users almost immediately due to another of its genres: filial love between two brothers, better known as incest.

Many works try to create an atmosphere of romance between members of the same family. (usually between two brothers), but taking the safe route. This could involve plot twists such as discovering towards the end of the play that they are not really brothers or directly not making them blood brothers, but rather that they became half-siblings after their parents got married.

These techniques lead to a “false incest”, where the protagonists are not united by a blood tie and legally there is no barrier to developing their relationship. (beyond the fact that someone who knows them finds out). However, against all odds, “Ani to Imouto no Shitai Shitai Shitai Koto (Brother and Sister Doing What They Really Want to Do)” concluded in a completely unexpected way.

But before moving on to how the work ended, why don’t we take a look at the synopsis?

  • Kouta Moriyama was once an unsuccessful adult manga artist. Due to his lack of popularity, he was even on the verge of going bankrupt financially. But one day, he became a very popular author with a vividly realistic and charming portrayal of his heroines. The reason for the sudden change in style was that Kouta modeled himself after his little sister Shizuku…?!

The synopsis does not completely cover the story, and does not even give clues to the relationship. It turns out that Shizuku moves into her brother Kouta’s apartment because she needs a place to live that is close to her university. Eventually, it is discovered that Shizuku knows that her brother draws her in his adult works, and it is also revealed that he does it because he is in love with her.

Later, both begin a romantic relationship and finally decide to announce it to their family, kissing in front of their mother, who goes crazy at the scene.

But while some expected the work to end with both walking towards the horizon and without showing anything else, the author surprised Internet users again by showing that both had a daughter born from incest. (and no, she is not adopted because she has physical characteristics of both). It was certainly a rather particular development, but a victory for those who enjoy these types of stories (obviously all staying fiction, right?).

And of course, the community comments could not be missing:

  • «The haters must be hitting the wall to see a completely healthy little girl born from incest. Wait until they realize that it’s just a drawing and that manga authors can do whatever they want with their works».
  • «I’m proud that an author of incest works finally had the balls to write a happy ending outside of hentai, certainly a role model».
  • «Wow, this is the first manga where the author has the balls to offer an incest ending, excellent».
  • «Well, they went into the gacha and got a pretty healthy girl, I guess they were pretty lucky.».
  • «Are there no hereditary diseases? Isn’t the girl retarded? What’s going on here?».
  • «I thought for a moment that this would be one of those extreme titles where the daughter would eventually join the incest cycle. Also, didn’t you know that the chances of having a child with problems decrease if both parents are completely healthy?».
  • «The author really took on the idea of ​​making a real incest manga. A quick progression, conflicting feelings, potential drama, and a satisfying ending. He left nothing for doubt, really a chad».
  • «I don’t think they realize how incredibly funny it would be if Oshi no Ko had an ending like that.».
  • «Ah, the time has finally come, the time to reap the fruits of a satisfying ending to Hanoharu-sensei».

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