A mysterious Jump ad sets off alarm bells about Gojo’s fate

The manga of “Jujutsu Kaisen“is definitely at one of the most critical points that have been seen to date. The weeks go by and what we see happen again and again is how the different exorcists that make up the cast of characters created by Akutami-sensei do not do more than launching one after another against Sukuna. It is, for all intents and purposes, a relay and survival race like no other. And that’s why Jump’s new and mysterious announcement has set off the alarms of many with… Gojo.

(If you are not up to date with the “Jujutsu Kaisen” manga, I recommend you turn around at this point, because there are LOTS OF SPOILERS in the article).

What is currently being speculated regarding Jujutsu Kaisen and, especially, Satoru Gojo

Basically, all the current fuss has begun to be created by none other than the following live broadcast:

This is like this: currently I have no idea what this video is.. In fact, there is no confirmation that it is even from “Jujutsu Kaisen.” Why then is there direct speculation that it is a Gojo-related announcement? By the following:

  • The flower that you can see in the video is neither more nor less than a water lily, a flower strongly linked to the idea of ​​resurrection. 🤨
  • That exact same flower can be seen in Jujutsu Kaisen. In fact, the flower looks like it was taken from a panel of the chapter 236 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, which is the one that features Satoru Goju’s flashbacks moments before showing his defeat to Sukuna. 😮
  • At the time they already emerged theories that said that the display of said flower in chapter 236 of the manga was already a possible teaser for the future return of Satoru Gojo. Essentially because the idea of ​​resurrection of the water lily is linked to the buddhismand Gojo himself is a character who shares many characteristics with Buddha and that definitely seems inspired by such a deity. 🤯
  • The video in question, on the other hand, is released on April 3 at 05:55 in the morning (In Spain, YouTube itself is in charge of converting the time for each region automatically). 😉

As an addition, it is worth saying that Chapter 256 of the “Jujutsu Kaisen” manga premieres on April 7, 2024, just 4 days after this video was released, the content of which is completely unknown. It might seem absurd to think that Jump is making a possible spoiler as big as Satoru Gojo’s return to life, but in the same way We must remember that when the Gear 5 of “One Piece” was released in the anime, it was Toei itself that began to promote and spoiler it non-stop. By this I mean that if the event is big enough, nothing should be ruled out.

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