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A new McDonald’s Japan waifu goes viral — Kudasai

As we have already mentioned in previous articles, the division of McDonald’s Japan It usually becomes a trend on social networks due to the interesting commercials with which it generates not only the interest in eating a hamburger in one of its countless establishmentsbut some believe that it also seeks to promote family unity and even encourage Japanese people to go out and have children.

This is a recent conspiracy theory that was inflated by the commercial featuring a traditional family (mother, father and daughter) sharing a McDonald’s meal. Many began to comment that the commercial “had given them the desire to go out and start a family” or what “They wanted to meet someone to have an experience like that“, which fueled the theory that, behind the scenes, the multinational is “colluding” with the government to increase birth rates.

Of course, these are all theories from people with a lot of free time, but what We cannot deny that McDonald’s Japan has an incredible marketing staff that knows quite well how to make the company trend.. A new commercial caught attention recently, showing a couple of high school students (something you can tell by the boy’s uniform) sharing a meal at the restaurant. They both seem flirting and happy, something that shouldn’t bother anyone, right?

Well, if you thought the latter, you were definitely wrong. A strange review appeared on Twitter in Japan, attracting tens of thousands of interactions simply because of what was said:

  • «Oh come on, really? There’s no way these two aren’t having sex, so show me an illustration of these two doing it. These types of scenes cover up the fact that Shinzo Abe’s administration falsified statistics and covered up the Kake Gakuen and Moritomo Gakuen scandals, creating a moral hazard. This country is finished».

We will not go into details about the second part about former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his controversies, but the assertion that “kids that age would probably be having sex instead of eating hamburgers” definitely caught the attention of fans on social media.. In fact, it wasn’t long before this new McDonald’s couple was immediately desecrated by artists on social media.

  • «Is McDonald’s a company hostile to the LGBT community? And they don’t build shared or multipurpose bathrooms? It is a company that goes against diversity, right?».
  • «If you have normal sensitivity, it is discriminatory to only make anime drawings with male and female objects, right? Why don’t they draw gays and lesbians?».
  • «I’m fine with this kind of thing.».
  • «I hate being shown these kinds of things when I’m of age.».
  • «So if you’re sitting next to each other, does that mean you’re already a couple?».
  • «The designs look current, but what they are doing feels dated».
  • «I hate the scene where he leans forward and claps and laughs, it’s so realistic. I hate this gesture in women».
  • «I told them that they had to show them fucking anally to be consistent with current events».
  • «I can still understand that it bothers you that only handsome men and women appear in your creations. LGBT people are a bunch of human failures. I wonder how they can say things from the same position. I have nothing to say about it as long as it is done in secret, but don’t bring it to light».
  • «I wonder if the girl has told him. The guy seems naive. It doesn’t look like they’ve had sex yet.».
  • «It’s funny because when I went to university we broke up very easily. A friend of mine was like this, he was in love and then his girlfriend left him».
  • «They should make an animation of me eating alone with my back against the wall.».

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