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A sensual visual from The Dangers in My Heart goes viral — Kudasai

On more than one occasion we have talked about “The Dangers in My Heart (Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu)”, one of the most popular romantic comedies currently, especially since the second season of its anime adaptation is currently broadcast. However, it was not a recent episode of the anime or a chapter of the manga that caught attention, but a special collaborative visual that was recently released.

The anime production announced a collaboration with SHIMAUMA BURGER, a hamburger restaurant franchise in Japan with quite a presence. And although one would expect the collaboration visual to show the two protagonists eating at said restaurant, They are actually shown enjoying themselves in a sauna.

The Dangers in My Heart

Of course, one thing you have to remember is that Anna Yamada, the main girl in “The Dangers in My Heart,” is only 13 or 14 years old! Yes, canonically Anna is just a pubescent girl, but that has not been an obstacle for artists who enjoy “desecrating” her in their illustrations. And there is no way to realize that Anna is so minor at first glance.especially because in all the visuals she appears with big breasts, a great height and a rather “daring” attitude, as in the recent visual.

Anyway, it was obvious that an illustration of that type was going to attract a lot of comments:

  • «This has too much eroticism to be just a couple of high school students».
  • «And where are the hamburgers supposed to be?».
  • «It’s like an older girl is trying to seduce a shota».
  • «And why a sauna? Do restaurants have a sauna inside? Or will the series have a sauna episode this season?».
  • «Congratulations on the collaboration, I’m waiting for the original burger menu with great anticipation!».
  • «Would it be wise to ask the illustrator in charge of this for some context?».
  • «And why a sauna so suddenly? I thought it was a restaurant».
  • «How well the protagonist eats, there is no doubt».
  • «Damn, coffee shops are weird in Japan, your girl strips naked in front of you and the whole thing.».
  • «This image is reliable proof of how absurd the story of manga and anime is.».
  • «Oh yeah, this is like doujinshi».
  • «I don’t know why, but it makes me want to cry, how beautiful The Dangers in My Heart is!».
  • «God, how they sexualize this girl under fifteen years old».

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