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A subject is shocked when reviewing his little sister’s Death Note

We have already commented on it before, but it is impossible to deny that Death Note It is a legendary franchise that marked the adolescence of millions of fans around the world, despite the fact that it has currently been beaten on more than one occasion by companies that make lousy live-action adaptations.

Anyway, of course in Japan the franchise is still a trend among fans, but the Twitter user “@Chaofan002” revealed a rather particular anecdote that immediately became a topic of conversation in the comment forums. The user shared two photos of his third grade sister’s notebook (ie, she is between 8 and 9 years old). The interesting thing is that the notebook is titled “デスノート (Death Note)“.

  • And in case you wonder what is the only name that appears written between the pages of this book, it is “おにいちゃん“, a word that translates as “Onii-chan” either “Eldest brother“. That’s right, his little sister wants to see him dead.
Death Note

It was definitely a big surprise for the user to find out about this situation, although it seems that his little sister was not entirely clear on how to use it. Let’s remember that the Death Note rules imply that the user has to write the name and surname of the person they want to see dead. On the other hand, the cause of death is not necessary, since if it is not written within forty seconds after writing the name, the person will simply die of a heart attack.

However, of course the fans had something to say on the forums:

  • «Wow, it looks like I’m already thinking twice if I really want a little sister.».
  • «How nice».
  • «You’re lucky I didn’t spell your name correctly.».
  • «I remember making a Death Note when I was in fourth or fifth grade. There were so many people I didn’t like in my class that I painted my notebook black and wrote down the names of all the people I didn’t like.».
  • «I remember taking my notebook to school if necessary, and people I didn’t like almost found out about the Death Note. It was fun».
  • «No, little brother! You are in danger!».

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