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A university motivates its applicants with Bocchi the Rock!

the prestigious Kyoto University in Japan is conducting the entrance exams for the next generations of professionals who will graduate from its classrooms. However, the fact that in the admissions area they placed a statue of Hitori Gotōthe protagonist of Bocchi the Rock!. Next to this “monument” you can find a message that says the following:

  • «Hitori Gotou, guitarist for the Kessoku Band, was instrumental in Shimokitazawa and did much to instill a culture of supporting shy people at Kyoto University. Please get close to these people at least during the summer holidays. Sincerely, Nijika Ijichi».
Bocchi the Rock!

Also striking is the fact that the monument has the inscription “後藤先生像 (Statue of Gotou-sensei)“. So, if the message wasn’t enough, they have the Bocchi Rosada as a figure of respect. Why would it be? According to the message, it seems that the theme of Bocchi the Rock! inspired to improve student society within Kyoto Universitydue to the Bocchi having social anxiety and being unable to relate to people, even though deep down she wants to make friends.

This pathetic attitude (remembering that one of the definitions of this word is “that denotes great anguish or moral suffering, capable of deeply moving and stirring the spirit with force”) seems to have inspired many to even place this monument to the character in the facilities from a prestigious university.

In fact, not only Hitori Gotō appears in this monument, in the back you can find an area dedicated to Ikuyo KitaWith instructions for making a good luck charm, but only for a subject you think you might have trouble with (the entrance exam covers a variety of subjects).

Bocchi the Rock!

Elsewhere there are more posters of Bocchi the Rock!as one where Hitori Gotou reminds you to properly check your answer sheet to match the number of questions. You have to be careful about this, especially when you skip a question or an entire section to solve it more calmly later.

Bocchi the Rock!

On another side, there are other panels of Bocchi the Rock! where the protagonist asks the manager for information. «Huh? You again?», is mentioned in the panel and It is explained that you should not be afraid to ask for clarifications from the people assigned by the institution.

Finally, in case you were wondering, each year the university allows a character to be placed to motivate applicants who will present admission exams. In other years, monuments have appeared for franchises such as Kirby, Monogatari Series and Kimetsu no Yaiba, to mention a few. It is definitely a tradition that takes advantage of the most popular series of the moment.

Fountain: otakomu

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