Additional cast and premiere of My Clueless First Friend


Additional cast and premiere of My Clueless First Friend

The Web page from the anime My Clueless First Friend (Jijou or Shiranai Tenkousei ga Guigui Kuru) published on Thursday a new trailer promotional. The video reveals the additional cast of the series, more members of the production team and a premiere planned for the next month of April.

My Clueless First Friend visual

After this announcement, the new voice actors that join this animated project are the following:

Daichi Hino concept art

Kengo Kawanishi What Daichi Hino.

Umi Adachi concept art

Queen Kondo What Umi Adachi.

Yukiko Takada concept art

Atsumi Tanezaki What Yukiko Takada.

Regarding the cast already confirmed, this is headed by Konomi Kohara In the role of Akane Nishimura Y shizuka ishigamiwhich does the same with the role of Taiyō Takada.

The study St.Signpost is behind this animated project for television, with Shigenori Kageyama (DYNAMIC CHORD, Himawari!, Himawari Too!!) in the direction and Jiafang Lu as assistant director. chikashi kadekaru (Mieruko-chan, Juni Taisen: Zodiac War) is in charge of adapting the character designs of Taku Kawamura to anime. Takafumi Hoshikawa (shaman king) Y Shōgo Yasukawa (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, Ayakashi Triangle) are in charge of the script, while Toshio Masuda (kamisama kiss, Naruto) is in charge of the musical composition. Keisuke Yanagi (jujutsu kaisen 0, tokyo ghoul) performs editing and Noboru Haraguchi (tokyo ghoul, Cerberus) is credited as sound director.

Taku Kawamura The publication of this romantic comedy began in May 2018 on the pages of the magazine Monthly Gangan Joker of Square Enixremaining open today its serialization and with 13 volumes compilations.

Akane Nishimura is a shy and gloomy elementary school girl with an unfounded bad reputation in her class due to her looks. Taiyou Takada is a transfer student in her class who comes from a small rural school, and who is fascinated by the aspects of Nishimura that her classmates use to mess with her, finding her “darkness” cool beyond belief. the comparison. Through the unbridled and fundamental joy that Takada finds in being her friend, Nishimura begins to realize that being herself isn’t as bad as she thinks.

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