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AI imagines Metamorphosis as a Disney movie — Kudasai

In recent weeks it has become a trend generate images with artificial intelligence (AI) using character models similar to those of Disney Pixar, but about situations that would never be shown in a children’s movie. Animated versions of the Holocaust, World War II, the 9/11 Terrorist Attack, among many other historical events, have been converted to Disney Pixar animation to make Internet users laugh.

And obviously this had to reach the community of anime fans, since an image of this type emerged that became quite popular. It turns out that a fan decided to create one of these posters, but based on the story of the hentai doujinshi.”METAMORPHOSIS” of ShindoLa story that has definitely traumatized more than one.


The “METAMORPHOSIS” doujinshi is a work that has gained notoriety primarily due to its highly controversial and graphic content. The plot focuses on the life of a young woman named Saki Yoshida and explores a series of traumatic and disturbing events that she experiences throughout the story.

The play addresses extremely sensitive topics, including sexual abuse, exploitation, self-harm and human trafficking. The graphic and explicit representation of these issues has generated varied reactions, from shock and disgust to interest due to their notoriety in online communities.

The reason for its popularity lies partly in the controversial and provocative nature of the work. “METAMORPHOSIS” has been widely discussed by the online community due to its focus on taboo topics and its explicit depiction of disturbing situations. This has led to the work becoming something of an “urban legend” on the internet, and has been often referenced in memes and online discussions, increasing its notoriety.

It is important to note that “METAMORPHOSIS” is not suitable for all audiences and has been the subject of controversy due to its extremely explicit and disturbing content. While some may be interested in exploring works that challenge the conventional boundaries of storytelling and art, others may see it as deeply disturbing. The popularity of this doujinshi demonstrates how certain controversial works can gain notoriety online due to their extreme content and ability to generate intense discussions and reactions.

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