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Akari Kitou, the voice of Nezuko, captivates otakus with a cosplay

Akari Kitou

voice actress Akari Kitouwho has recently interpreted the voices of Nezuko in Kimetsu no Yaiba, Suzune Horikita in Yokosjo Jitsuryoku Y Kanna Ogata in Engage Kisshas published on the social network instagram a photo session in which he surprises doing a Cosplay.

Akari Kitou

Akari Kitouwho was mentioned to have contracted COVID in the middle of last year, also called our attention by mentioning that she is a fan of actress n0p0r Yua Mikami. However, what we come to share today is that recently, the voice actress Akari published in instagram a series of photos of a maid-style cosplay she did for the Cuckoo Fes.

Akari Kitou, The Voice Of Nezuko, Captivates Otakus With A Cosplay

In the post description, she mentions that she is imitating Erika Amanoan anime character Kakko no Iinazuke in which he also plays the role. Also, he clarifies that she loves to act the same way as Erika Amano and that this costume had been requested for Halloween, but did not get a chance to wear it.

In the post, Akari She mentions that she got the maid costume, but couldn’t wear it, as she had to stay in the dressing room. Therefore, she would be premiering the costume at the same time as the character of Erika Amano.

Akari Kitou, The Voice Of Nezuko, Captivates Otakus With A Cosplay

In addition, he clarifies that he would only wear the costume if there was a special occasion to wear it. However, at this time we are not meeting to discuss what he said in the post.

In the post, both the comments of the followers on social networks and in Japanese forums, it is mentioned that Akari Kitou He did a cosplay and the fans, like good otakus, mentioned a particular detail of the outfit. Readers of Anmo Sugoi You may have already noticed this detail.

Akari Kitou, The Voice Of Nezuko, Captivates Otakus With A Cosplay

And it is that the outfit has a neckline on the chest, which generated comments on the networks mentioning that the cosplay is provocative, pointing out the fans that it shows a mischievous valley in sight. However, it is important to mention that it is important to respect the actress’ desire to produce herself as she wants and it is not necessary to comment on her physical appearance or her clothes.

So many of the comments to the Akari Kitou Cosplay were:

  • Not as sexy as Siluca
  • my eyes don’t smile
  • Akari, my chest! ! ! !
  • There is a valley…
  • Yes? Are there valleys?
  • What will happen if Chunrun wears this outfit?
  • There was a Zoom feature, so let’s zoom in on Kito-chan’s cleavage


Who is Akari Kitou?

Akari Kitou nBorn on October 16, 1994 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. She debuted in 2014 and had her first leading role in 2016 with the anime Time Bokan 24. In October 2019, she made her singing debut with Pony Canyon.

He has played a wide variety of characters in anime, such as Nezuko Kamado in Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tsukasa Yuzaki in Tonikaku Kawaii, Sakura Adachi in Adachi to Shimamura, kotoko iwanaga in Kyokou Suiri, suzune horikita in Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou no Kyoushitsu e, Barbara in Genshin Impact, Kaho Hinata in Blend S, Sayu Tsukisaki in Re:Stage! Dream Days, Noah Himesaka in Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!, kanata konoe in Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai, Erika Amano in Kakko no Iinazuke Y Kanna Ogata in Engage Kiss.

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