Alfa Pictures launches two double packs of Detective Conan movies


Alfa Pictures launches two double packs of Detective Conan movies

Alpha Pictures Y Sports world made available to the followers of Detective Conan two new double packs with his movies. These are the packs corresponding to the movies the scarlet bullet Y the halloween bridewhich can be purchased together with their complementary specials, Scarlet Alibi Y Love Story at Police HQ.

This is one new initiative from the Barcelona distributor to launch the specials prior to both films in physical format. Each pack contains two DVDs with the film and the compilation in question, available with audio in catalan and japanese Y subtitles in catalan and spanish. The newest, corresponding to the twenty-fifth film, is available for €13.90; while that of the scarlet bullet can be purchased for a slightly lower price, €11.90. Both packs can be purchased at the Web page from Sports world with €5.50 shipping costs. It should be noted that in the edition of the halloween bride have been maintained same Spanish subtitles with which the film hit theaters. These were criticized for being a automatic and uncorrected translation of the dialogues in Catalan, and the first buyers have already pronounced about it on social media.


the binomial Alpha Pictures Y Detective Conan will continue on 2023 with the premiere of Black Iron Submarine. The action of the film will revolve around an underwater facility called Pacific buoy. There has been launched a new global security system, which connects surveillance cameras from different organizations with a revolutionary facial recognition system. Of course, Conan and the Junior Detectives are there, thanks to an invitation from Sonoko. Unfortunately for him, the situation takes a radical turn when Subaru informs him that gin has murdered an agent Europol in Germany. Right at that moment, the Organization makes an appearance at the Buoykidnapping an engineer with the aim of stealing a crucial USB from her.

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