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Haikyuu!! (TV Series 2014–2022)

Haikyuu!! tells the story of a boy named Hinata Shouyou, who attended a volleyball match for the first time and was impressed with the sport, which caused him to start practicing such an exercise, so he created a great passion for volleyball. However, in his high school, there was no one in the sports club he desired, but with all his determination he managed to gather five friends to play a match against a traditional Team japan, but what was to be expected, lost, leaving Hinata quite upset, but even so, he managed to make incredible plays, even if he could not score points.

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When he left elementary school, Shouyou soon went to look for a college that had a volleyball team, then found Karasuno, but saw that his rival — who was in his first match, and Shouyou promised to win — was on the same team as him, and thus both were angry and did not want to play together, but Daichi, the captain of Karasuno, made them both friends and since then become an unbeatable duo with a perfect connection. In addition, Karasuno played a tournament in which several strong teams were present, being only the qualifiers for the national, becoming the main goal of the team, therefore begins the journey of Hinata and his friends.

Suna Rintarou Character.

Suna Rintarou

Suna Rintarou is a character who had his appearance in the fourth season of the anime, becoming an antagonist for acting by the school of Inarizaki, who was the main opponent of the protagonists of Karasuno last season. Suna’s team was presented in the anime as a favorite team to the national championship title and, after Karasuno had beaten Tsubakihara with some ease, the two teams faced each other in a knockout match with a clear favoritism to Suna’s team.

After all, Inarizaki had in his squad the best young lifter in Japan, the Atsumu Miya, in addition to his twin brother, Osamu Miya, who is an excellent striker and, when combined with the lifting of his brother, manages to be fatal. Surely the twins gained the team’s spotlight for performing more beautiful plays, but Inarizaki’s school still had our Suna Rintarou and center Ojiro Aran, who are so-called players. Suna is a starter for his team and plays a highly important role in being an elite blocker and having a very difficult attack to stop and that impressed all Karasuno players during the match. The boy manages to be unique, because he has the ability to change the course of his cut still in the air, making any blockade useless in the face of his attack.

Rintarou Suna’s appearance

Rintarou Suna

The character is not one of the tallest, however, has a great structure for a sport like volleyball, even more in its position, being 1.85 centimeters tall. His physique is great for an athlete, having muscles in his arms, being the most required part of the body in volleyball. Suna Rintarou is also known for being a beautiful character, having very attractive features.

Starting with her hair, which has a brown coloring and has a medium size, having a hairstyle broken in half. When it comes to your eyes, these are narrow and pulled, besides having a shade of yellow, which makes it even more flashy. During his appearance in the fourth season, Suna was seen only in his playing uniform, which is quite simple, as it is a black shirt with the player’s number centered and the same sponsorship of karasuno’s uniform in the upper left corner well minimized. The collar of the shirt is white, which leaves a mixture of black and white very nice.

Suna Rintarou’s personality

Personalidad de Suna Rintarou

Your personality varies when you’re in a match and when you’re out of the game environment. Inside the court, Suna is very cold, does not usually have many expressions and is always aware of what is happening, showing incredible intelligence. He is a very focused young man and likes to analyze his opponents to predict his movements, however, he shows no kind of happiness when he hits an attack or a block, looking indifferent in any kind of situation during the match.

Therefore, we can conclude that Suna Rintarou is a very phlegmatic boy, keeping his cool at important moments in the game. Off the court, Suna seems to let go of the “bad boy” personality and turns into a sarcastic boy, but still without expressing anything. We can see that when the twins are fighting at a workout, he picks up his phone and starts recording, finding it funny. In addition to this scene, he loves making jokes with his teammates when he’s not in the middle of the game. The boy exudes confidence in both himself and his team, showing this when he performs his ability to change the course of the ball by moving the entire upper part of his body when he is still in the air, as he never misses.

Suna Rintarou’s story

Suna Rintarou's story

Suna had his first appearance at the end of the fourth season, also known as Haikyuu: To the Top. Within the national championship, Inarizaki’s college qualified for the second match and fell in the key against the protagonist’s team, Karasuno. All gave Inarizaki as a favorite to the title, since they had come close in the last edition. In addition, the match begins and Suna’s team begins to show their faces. Even in the shadow of the twins Atsumu and Osamu’s success, the boy also managed to show his talent early on, when he managed to make a nice block.

Another strong weapon Suna showed was his sacking, which surprised opponents when he pulled out as soon as the referee whistled, but failed to score the ace —a term used when a player scores a straight point on the sack. The match was hotly contested, but Inarizaki was able to maintain a certain advantage on the scoreboard with his great blocks. However, Karasuno’s players managed to turn the game around and win the first set 27-25.

In the second set, Suna began to show off his offensive skills and fought an interesting battle against Kei Tsukishima, who stretched to the last second of the match. In addition to blocking much of Tsuki’s cuts, Suna also showed off his offensive skills and managed to score even as Kei jumped too high to try and stop him. After a few minutes, Suna struck again and Tsukishima tried to block alongside Tanaka, but again it was useless. At that moment, the boy took the opportunity to provoke the number 11 karasuno, telling him not to worry, because the problem was not the Tsuki, but his extremely strong cut and difficult to block. After a while, Suna went to the bench for the entrance of captain Kita Shinsuke. During the time off the court, he told the story of how Kita made it to the volleyball team to the freshmen who were curious. The boy’s team managed to win the second set without much difficulty 25-16.

Returning to the court, Suna had one more chance to score over Kei Tsukishima, taking the ball out of the angle at which he could block. Moreover, surprising everyone, Kei limited his purpose space so that Suna cut to where Hinata was positioned and, even with all the strength of the Suna, the little guy managed to lift the ball and continued to attack.

Due to the moment of the game, that point would raise the morale of Karasuno’s team for having achieved through a reception of Hinata, but after a long time of rally, it was Inarizaki’s team that scored. In addition, the last set went into overtime and with turns behind upsets, but in the last rally, the twins attempted a quick attack, but Kageyama and Hinata made a double block and scored the winning point, consequently eliminating Inarizaki.

Rintarou Suna’s relationships

Rintarou Suna's relationships

In fact, Suna has a great relationship with her teammates, since the connection between them within the frame is enviable. In relation to the twins, there is clearly a relationship of love and hate, since Suna Rintarou hates the uproar they make during the match, but from time to time provoke them with jokes, but said in a serious way, typical of Suna. In addition, another relationship shown to the spectators was Suna’s with Kita, which is a captain-teammate call, as Kita Shinsuke always picks up the players’ feet, as he usually keeps watching what’s happening on the court and correcting his teammates.

So when Kita is on the court, Suna always tries to do everything perfectly so as not to get a scolding from her captain. The boy also showed to have a good relationship with the freshmen of the first year, because when he goes to the bench usually talk to them, as was shown when Suna told the story of how Kita Shinsuke joined the volleyball team.

In addition, another explored relationship was the rivalry between Suna and Tsukishima, who battled from start to finish in the game valid for the national championship, exchanging barbs and always trying to stop each other, although Suna won most of the matches. The funny thing about this relationship is that they are both similar when it comes to personality because they are quiet, observant and game-focused. However, precisely because they are similar, it ignited this rivalry during the match.

Suna Rintarou’s abilities

Suna Rintarou's abilities

His vision of the game becomes one of his main characteristics on the court, as he is quite calculating and is very good at predicting surprise attacks from his opponents. Perhaps the word that sums up all of Suna Rintarou’s abilities is intelligence. After all, he uses his wits to block, attack, receive and draw, showing it several times in the match against Karasuno. In the defensive aspect, Suna is one of the best blockers in the anime, since he is fast, tall and has a very good wingspan to block, so much so that he managed to stop several attacks jumping late. Also, his reception is not one of the best, but when it is necessary, he manages to make headlines and lift the ball. In addition, his main skill lies in the offensive part.

Called the “Wide-Range Spike”, Suna manages to get the opposing lock to try to stop him before he cuts, so he uses his gigantic range when he moves the top of his body to pick up a larger angle to cut. His ability makes him score many points, since no blocker can have the range to block the ball, moreover, the cut is too strong for someone to be able to receive, as much as Hinata has managed to do this only once in the match.

However, his run is also very fast and can fool his opponent with curves, but scored few points on his run, since it is not one of his best qualities. Moreover, being smart, he manages to use the sack to surprise his opponent, as he did when he drew as soon as the referee whistled, without waiting for the eight seconds that the player has until draw, which almost resulted in an important point if it were not for Daichi Sawamura, who threw himself on the ball quickly.

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