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All about the 5 most important characters of Chainsaw Man

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chainsaw man is the new promise of Shueisha. Created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the original series ran from 2018 to 2020, and a sequel is currently in the works. It is one of the most anticipated anime since it was announced, and in this article we want to tell you a little about the main characters of the series so that you can get to know them better. Let us begin!

Note: We will be adding characters as the series progresses.


1 - Denji

Age: 17
Year of birth: 1980

Young Denji considers himself a very unlucky boy. After his family tragically passed away, he became the sole heir to the only thing they had: a huge debt to the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. This made his adolescence anything but normal, growing disenchanted with society and even selling organs to gradually pay off a virtually unpayable debt. Eventually, he is offered a job exterminating demons, and seeing that it pays very well, Denji accepts without question.

One day, however, his destiny changes completely when he meets Pochita, who was injured. This curious animal is actually a small chainsaw demon, perfectly functional for exterminating demons. Together, they make a pact, and Pochita feeds on Denji’s blood to heal his wounds, thus sealing his fate and inevitably uniting them.

But after an extermination job goes terribly wrong, Denji loses his life, and Pochita turns to his heart to revive him. Interestingly, the demon feels emotionally connected to Denji, and wants to do what he can to help the boy fulfill his dream of living a normal life.

This grants Denji the powers to become a hybrid with demonic powers. After meeting Makima that same fateful day, he quits working with the Yakuza and starts working for public security.


  • Hybrid transformation: He transforms into the chainsaw demon, which requires a significant amount of blood. If he doesn’t have enough, he can’t fully transform.
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Chainsaw Demo: Denji can create perfectly functional chainsaws on his arms, legs, and head. They are very effective at killing demons. He can even create some at his feet, to climb up buildings. He also has the ability to retract them if necessary.
  • Chains: The chains he uses to activate chainsaws are bodily tissue, so he can use them to trap and bind enemies.

2. Makima

2 - Makima

Age: unknown

Makima is a young woman, around 25 years old, who meets Denji one day and takes him in as her human “pet”. She works for the security department and sees potential in Denji’s powers. Once she meets the Chainsaw Demon, that is, the boy’s hybrid form, she becomes obsessed with her, and begins to manipulate the boy to keep him by her side always.

Makima is a skilled and intelligent demon hunter, who treats all emergency situations with a cool head. She has a specialized squad in charge of her.

3.Aki Hayakawa

3 - Aki Hayakawa

Age: 19

Aki is a demon hunter who works in Makima’s special squad. He has no respect for Denji and Power, as he considers them rude. However, after spending more time with them, he considers them his protege. He became a demon hunter due to his family being killed by the Gun Demon.

He is very skilled at his job and enjoys it very much. He has contracts with various demons, which makes him a fearsome opponent for his enemies, but thanks to this, his longevity has been compromised.


  • Curse demon: Gives him a nail-shaped sword. Using it shortens Aki’s life significantly.
  • Stab: Pointing the nail at any part of the opponent’s body and saying the “fire” incantation brings up a demonic hand that deals heavy damage when hitting the end of the nail.
  • Damn: Once wounded with three nails, Aki can summon the Curse Demon to possess the enemy and damage them irreparably, killing them.
  • Fox Demon: Summons a giant fox that eats its enemies, or seriously injures them.

4. Power

4 - Power

Age: unknown

Denji’s friend, Power gained the powers of the Blood Demon. Thanks to this, she began to work in Makima’s special division as a demon hunter. She is a childish and immature young woman, greedy beyond measure and very selfish. However, she knows how to pick her fights and assess her enemies, as she is able to run away from a fight if she knows she is outmatched.

She is gluttonous and unable to distinguish between animal meat and human meat, because her demonic power prevents her from doing so. Being a hybrid, she believes she is better than humans, and shows no allegiance to one side or the other.


  • Blood handling: Power can manipulate the blood in his body, and uses it to create weapons. He can also do the same to other people, allowing him to heal wounds and prevent them from bleeding out. This also allows him to prevent regeneration if he mixes his own blood with his target’s.
  • Hammer: He creates a blood hammer that he uses as a weapon.
  • Spear: He creates a blood spear that he uses to stab his target. Additionally, he can store his blood in various locations (using glass bottles) to spontaneously spawn spears and wound an unsuspecting enemy.
  • Regeneration: In order to heal and restore his health, Power must consume blood.

5. Pochita

5 - Pochita

This little chainsaw demon is the one who changes the protagonist’s life completely. At first, they find themselves in terrible circumstances, Pochita, almost mortally wounded, and Denji, devastated and with no one to support him. They make a pact, and Denji offers him his blood to heal himself, binding his destinies forever. Denji begins to take care of Pochita like a pet, but there is much more behind the adorable demon that we still don’t know. What is certain is that his current “dog” figure is the closest a demon can be to death.

In his pet form, he is unable to communicate with humans, and uses barking to make himself understood. After saving Denji’s life and becoming his heart, she is able to communicate with him telepathically.


  • He has the same abilities as Denji (since he gave him his powers), but in his full form, as the Chainsaw Demon, Pochita is able to completely disappear the demons she consumes.
  • Chainsaw Appendix: The chainsaw that comes out of his head is perfectly functional and his tail is used to activate it.
  • Creation of contracts: Pochita can create contracts with humans for a price. His first contract with Denji is that if Denji allows her to consume his blood, Pochita will be able to help him pay off his debts.

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