All Earthlings (Humans), from least to most powerful

dragon ball“It has an immense number of races at its disposal, some of which we only know a couple of members, such as Beerus. But there is one race that we have been familiar with since Akira’s work began. Toriyama that is undoubtedly the one of the Earthlings. Although today its relevance is at historic lowsit must be said that it is still worth reviewing those who are the most powerful of the lineage.


The great companion with whom Son Goku’s adventures began. Obviously, Bulma has never had combat capabilities like the rest of the characters in the franchise.…although if necessary he would carry a firearm. In any case, beyond the advantage that his technological and scientific knowledge offers him, he will not contribute much in combat.

Clearly we are not facing a warrior today… or ever


The woman who in one way or another got Goku to agree to something called ‘marriage’. While Chi-Chi’s days of action are in the past, during her youth She showed herself to be a very promising martial arts fighter.. He definitely had talent.

Chi-Chi knew how to deliver a good smack in his youth.

Mr. Satan

It is easy to recognize Mr. Satan as one of the biggest frauds in the entire history of anime… but that does not take away from the reality that, among the earthlings of “Dragon Ball”, he is clearly a much more powerful human than average. Come on, despite what we have seen of him, clearly few can have a chance against his skill in martial arts.

Mr. Satan
Don’t let his ridiculousness fool us: he knows perfectly how to fight


This is a case similar to that of Chi-Chi, in which her martial arts prowess is a thing of a bygone era, but in this case she managed to go one step further. Videl managed to manipulate Ki with proper training and even developed the ability to fly at will.. Clearly they are achievements that the vast majority of Earthlings cannot even imagine.

Videl proved to be an Earthling with a lot of talent in combat.


While it is true that Yajirobe does not have the ki mastery of other Earthlings on Earth, the truth is that he is a truly combat-capable human and can be a real danger thanks to his katana. You just need to see that he played a tremendously key role during Vegeta’s original assault on planet Earth.

Yajirobe and his katana, always relevant in all timelines


With Chaoz we are talking about someone who surely the greatest memory he has left behind is that of blowing himself up in the air… to achieve absolutely nothing. Despite this, Chaoz is an earthling who has very special combat skillsand that clearly help him perform much more effectively than the vast majority of humans.

Chaoz is completely out of reach for the vast majority of humans.


The reincarnation of Buu and all that divine power that entails. Although in “Dragon Ball Super” he is still a child, in the Moro arc he ended up being crucial to Son Goku’s victory. Furthermore, the free interpretation of his power in “Dragon Ball GT” left us with a fused version with Buu that already gave him immense power. Obviously, At a canon level he is still very far from all this, especially due to his age, but it is clear that he has potential in combat like surely no other Earthling.

The Earthling with the most potential by A LOT, but A LOT


Master of Goku, Krillin… practically every Earthling worth his salt has trained under his guidance or, at the very least, has been amazed by all his knowledge in combat. Mutenroshi cannot die of old age, which is already a fairly big advantage over the vast majority of earthlings, but he also has the ability to use sealing techniques as powerful as the Mafuba. This is definitely someone who still capable of enormous feats.

mutenroshi featured-min
Mutenroshi remains a true master of martial arts


Yamcha may be the biggest meme of all of “Dragon Ball,” but the reality is that he is also one of the most powerful Earthlings to ever exist. He is not only capable of develop your own Ki techniques thanks to having enormous talent in manipulating energy, but also On a physical level, he is as fast, strong and agile as a superhuman can aspire to be.. Lots of laughter with Yamcha, but among humans very few can measure up to him.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Yamcha
The average Earthling can’t even attempt to emulate a fraction of Yamcha’s power.


An earthling with alien descent, hence his unmistakable three eyes, but there is much more to say about Tenshinhan. He is clearly the earthling who has the most talent in manipulating Kisomething he demonstrates with truly striking and powerful techniques like the Kikoho (yes, that attack that managed to hold off a Cell that was much more powerful than him). If it weren’t for one last character on the list, Tenshinhan would be the most powerful earthling among all those we know.

Tenshinhan has been able to develop incredibly destructive combat techniques.


Yes, it is true that the most recent thing we have seen of Krillin in “Dragon Ball Super” was his defeat by a robotic bee… but that bee would surely have defeated each and every one of the members of this list. Even though he nowadays acts as a law enforcement officer and not so much as a martial arts master, Krillin is one of the very few warriors who has managed to stay relevant even with the power scales jumping through the air.. Furthermore, it must be taken into account that Krillin has always been one of the most intelligent at combat levela trait that still accompanies him today.

Krillin has managed to be the only Earthling to remain relevant in combat to this day

And this is my particular list with the most powerful earthlings or humans (to taste) in all of “Dragon Ball”. Obviously It would always be possible to add another character to all this, like Launch (even though she is completely missing), but I have thought it convenient to limit it to those who are surely the most relevant Earthlings for the past, present and potentially future of “Dragon Ball”. And who knows, Maybe at some point they will also receive an increase in power, no matter how minimal (and it wouldn’t be bad for them).

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