All For One revealed their deadliest move

My Hero Academia: All For One revealed its deadliest move

The last manga chapter of My Hero Academia sets the final arc of the story. Bakugo returned from the darkness to save All Might and finds himself dealing with All For One, whose past has been narrated and perhaps also a nod to its ending.

Chapter 407 of the manga My Hero Academia allowed us to find the origin of All For One. His mother died on the bank of a river, giving birth to a pair of children. One weaker than the other. One kinder and with dreams of unity, while the other sought to possess everything.

The little ones separate, but their ideologies persist. In this way, the most impressive powers bequeathed to us by the great history of My Hero Academia. Chapter 408 returns us to the present, to the great confrontation that could be the last of All For One.

All Might comments that the villain could be ready for the final attack, since threw to “Omni-Factor Unleash: All For One Goal” that allows us to see the enemy in a strange fusion of flesh and blood with its other carriers. Thanks to this, each one contributes to a huge attack that crushes buildings.

My Hero Academia Chapter 408 revealed All For One's ultimate attack, which could also turn him into a baby and render him insignificant.
Source: My Hero Academia

The powerful attack would have some implications, among them, the fact that the great villain of My Hero Academia He could become a baby after the attack, in other words, we would be facing his final blow.

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Where can I read the My Hero Academia manga?

The last three chapters of My Hero Academia They are available on MangaPlus, you can read them for free and legally.

On the other hand, All episodes of the anime by Studio Bones are available on Crunchyroll. The seventh season of the saga was announced but does not yet have a release date.

You can a round for Discord and don’t miss the news on Google news.

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