All members of Frieza’s race, from least to most powerful

The Frieza’s race is one that was introduced to us precisely through the iconic villain of “Dragon Ball Z“. The Namek arc is considered by many to be the best of all of Akira Toriyama’s work, and more than one believes that with the materialization of the legend of the Super Saiyan it would have been an incredibly high point to say goodbye to the work in general. But we had much more, and that has allowed us meet new members of a race of enormous antiquity over time.


He ancestor of Frieza’s race that we learned about through the special episode that introduced the (non-canon) figure of Super Saiyan Bardock. It is easily assumed that both Chilled as a member of Frieza’s race, and Bardock as a Super Saiyan, are of the weakest specimens ever recorded in their respective lines. As such, and seeing above all that Chilled does not transform in any way, it seems easy to consider him as the weakest of the members of Frieza’s race that could border on the minimally ‘canon’.

dragon ball
Chilled, the ancestor of Frieza’s race who fought with Bardock


Although he is not quite a canon character as such, since his existence is only referred to in the Nekomajin manga, Kuriza can be considered close enough to value him on this scale of power. The one introduced as Frieza’s son Is not found nowhere near the power of his father, especially since Frieza as such is a mutant within his own race. While it is true that he is seen fighting Onio in Super Saiyan, the fact that the latter is more of a parody character means that this can hardly be considered a strong argument in favor of Kuriza’s power.

kuriza son of frieza
Kuriza, the one introduced as Frieza’s son

Frieza’s mother

Although we have NEVER seen Frieza’s mother in action, there is a certain panel from the “Dragon Ball” manga in which you can see that Frieza himself tells Goku ‘You are the first one beyond my parents who has made me have to dust myself off.. Yes, when he talks about his parents he does so in the plural, which implies that Frieza’s mother is in this bag. As such, it is assumed that said character would have had enough power to be able to confront Frieza in his final form.

freezer mother
The panel in which Frieza makes a comment about his parents

King Cold

Frieza’s father is, like him, the only member of Frieza’s race considered to be a species of mutant due to his abnormally high power. However, it is also known that King Cold is weaker than Frieza himself, which is one of the big reasons why he ends up ceding control of the throne to his son despite still being able to fight for himself. his own account. However, Faced with the power of Super Saiyan Future Trunks, King Cold proved completely incompetent, being killed in a single attack..

king cold dragon ball
King Cold, the father of Frieza and Cooler


Frieza’s older brother, a character who for all intents and purposes is NOT canon and only exists through the two films he antagonizes. While his power is difficult to measure for these same reasons, the fact that In his Metal Cooler form, both Goku and Vegeta must transform into Super Saiyan to finish him off., already gives him a much higher ceiling than that of King Cold. Obviously all this is without taking into account the power-ups of Dragon Ball Heroes, which see Cooler reach the Golden form with which Frieza unlocked a power similar to or greater than that of Super Saiyan Blue.

dragon ball cooler
Cooler, Frieza’s older brother


Frost has two clear arguments in favor of being so high on this list: firstly, debuts much later than the rest of the members of Frieza’s racewhich automatically tends to be indicative of a greater power, and also which is also generally considered one of the most powerful warriors in the entire universe 6. As if this were not enough, he absolutely does not care about using all kinds of tricks to win, which obviously makes him much more dangerous.

frost dragon ball


By far, billions of years away from the rest, Frieza is definitely the strongest member of his race.. It is no longer just the fact that he was always considered a mutant, an anomaly with a power much greater than that of his entire lineage and species, but that over time he has known how to lower his head and train to be able to closely follow the Track Goku and Vegeta. The new way of him, The ‘Black’ transformation allows him to get closer to the power of the Gods of Destructionwhich leaves 0 doubts as to its position on this list.

black frieza god of destruction (1)
Frieza’s current power is one that is very far from that of Goku and Vegeta

Honestly, I understand that there may be some debate around Frost, King Cold and Cooler, especially these last two, but for details I have opted for the order that you have seen. It is clear that If at some point “Dragon Ball Super” were to make Cooler canon as happened with Broly and Gogeta, then the situation would change quickly due to the brutal power-up he would receive. the character given the heights at which “Dragon Ball Super” is currently. However, at this point it seems to me that things are more or less clear regarding Frieza’s race.

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