All NEW content arriving in 2024 to celebrate the 40th anniversary

November 20, 1984. That is the date on which the manga of “dragon ball” in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump magazine, and what follows is history. Indeed, over the decades Akira Toriyama’s work has become a world-class reference that has served to mark the path for many works later. And that is why Next year 2024 will serve to celebrate the story of Goku and company with a huge amount of new content.

Dragon Ball Daima

I start with a project that has not been talked about precisely, and that is due to being the new “Dragon Ball” anime. I review a little what is known with certainty (more or less) about the “Dragon Ball Daima” anime:

  • To begin with, it was confirmed that would premiere during the fall of 2024. Unless there is a surprise, this should be in the month of October, like most quarterly animes. 😉
  • It will be an anime only in streaming that will fall worldwide (initially) to Crunchyroll. Obviously in Spain the license is often in the hands of Selecta Visión, but being a completely new saga we will have to see what ultimately happens. 🤔
  • Likewise, the Dragon Ball Daima anime is expected to be one of medium length, with approximately 15 to 20 episodes. Of course, this is what you still have the most doubts about.😶

When does “Dragon Ball Daima” take place in the official timeline? Will he be able to take off that ‘Dragon Ball GT 2.0’ suit that seems to have been attributed to him for turning Goku and company into children again? It is clear that with so many months ahead until the premiere there are still many doubts in the air regarding ‘Daima’. However, it is the first serialized anime we have in the franchise since the conclusion of “Dragon Ball Super”, so what is clear is that with more or less success it will be tremendously followed upon its premiere.

New Dragon Ball Super manga arc

This is something that will start as soon as during the current month of December, since with chapter 100 of the manga we will have a small first sample of what’s to come after the “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” arc. And obviously everyone has their eyes on the same character: Black Frieza.

  • It was 1 year ago, with the conclusion of the ‘Granola, the survivor’ arc that Black Frieza made his first appearance in a stellar way. 😈
  • The iconic villain was shown under a completely new transformation that allowed him to leave One-hit KO of both Vegeta Ultra Ego and Goku Ultra Instinct -True-. 🤯
  • While it is not guaranteed that Black Frieza will be the face to follow in the next phase of the story, it is very obvious that At this point it’s all the fans want after such a long wait.. 🤤
black freezer
One of the most brutal panels in the entire history of Dragon Ball

It is clear that The fact of matching the introduction of the new arc of “Dragon Ball Super” with the 100th chapter of the manga, which we have already been told will leave us with amazing things, is something completely premeditated.. Therefore, it is more than justified to have our hopes up, especially after a year as long as this has ended up being with the manga.

Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO

Almost four years have passed since the most recent video game was released of Dragon Ball, this being Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and obviously there was already a desire for the franchise to return to a market in which it has always been successful. Luckily, “Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO” looks phenomenal:

  • Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO will bet on spectacularity as its great selling point: destructible environments, brutal clashes of ki attacks, high-speed battles, spectacular transformations… basically everything one could want in a Dragon Ball video game. 😍
  • On the other hand, The game is rumored to feature the largest cast of characters ever seen in a Dragon Ball installment., even incorporating characters from Dragon Ball Daima and Dragon Ball GT. The possibilities that open up here are truly immense. 🤩

For all intents and purposes, Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO It seems to be a game really made with the intention of being on par with the 40th anniversary of “Dragon Ball” itself.. And if the video game delivers, the fans will respond, and this has been demonstrated in recent years with installments such as Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

More special manga covers

This is the first project that started regarding the 40th anniversary of “Dragon Ball” and it is also one that will not end until December 2024. Don’t you know what it is about? Well, give it to great mangakas the opportunity to redesign the covers of the original “Dragon Ball” manga in a clear tribute to Toriyama-sensei.

Some are better, some are worse, but overall this is a truly incredible project that puts the historical background of “Dragon Ball” in the manga industry into perspective. Having said that, I leave you with some of the ones we have already seen to date:

Whether you are more into manga, anime or video games, the truth is that if you are a fan of “Dragon Ball” then you will be well served in 2024. And of course, personally for 2025-2026 I would expect even more anime from the franchise, either in the form of that continuation of “Dragon Ball Super” that we have been waiting for so long or with what will be the next film after “Dragon Ball Super: “Super Hero”.

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