All the keys to chapter 101 of the manga and what to expect from chapter 102

Honestly, it’s been a long time since I’ve been so excited for a new chapter of “Dragon Ball Super“Obviously entering unexplored territory for the first time in more than a year helps this, but it also helps chapter 101 has been really good in terms of transitional content. Therefore, I now want to touch all the main keys that the first chapter of the manga of this 2024 has left us.

Broly, on the way to controlling his true power

One of the first most striking points of chapter 101 of the manga is the one that comes from seeing Broly in action against Vegeta. As happened in “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”, Vegeta is clearly superior to Broly at quite basic levels of power, but beyond the deployment of the Prince of the Saiyans, the most interesting thing is what he is looking for from Broly:

  • During their fight, Vegeta is actively ‘stinging’ Broly to see if he lets himself be carried away by his anger in combat.
  • Is it a problem that Broly uses his anger to fuel his power? Well no, and Vegeta clearly tells him so.
  • The basis of the Saiyans’ true power lies in how to know how to use emotions, and if those emotions are repressed, what happens is that the user’s power is limited. This is exactly what is happening to Broly and what also happened to Goku with Ultra Instinct before finding the variant of Ultra Instinct Sign -True-.
  • On the other hand, Whis highlights that Broly has really gotten better at controlling his emotions.a positive development seeing that before he was completely a prisoner of his volatile character.
dragon ball super
Vegeta, clear in his explanations to Broly about the source of the Saiyans’ power

What does all this mean together? That Broly is getting closer to knowing how to manage himself and use his true power at will, and not simply becoming an out-of-control berserker. Broly himself may not have it too clear yet, but he is clearly moving in the right direction.

Beerus and the hierarchy of the God of Destruction

Another interesting aspect of chapter 101 of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga comes in a somewhat secondary/distended way, and that occurs with Beerus offering his position as God of Destruction to Goku in case he manages to surpass his power. What does Goku answer? Obviously he’s not the least bit interested. But there’s more to scratch here:

  • In the last month and a half there have already been two different instances in which reference to the power of a God of Destruction as something increasingly closer to the main characters.
  • The first of this came with a small extension on the form of Black Frieza that occurred in Japan. In said comment it was already said that with this transformation, Frieza seemed to have practically put himself on the level of a God of Destruction.
  • What does this mean? Well, if Goku, Vegeta and company are destined to face the iconic villain again, if they defeat him (which is assumed) They will have managed to reach the level of power of divine beings.
dragon ball super
Beerus offering his position is a way to recognize the latent potential of the Saiyans

Indeed, chapter 101 continues to leave evidence that The Gods of Destruction are no longer such intangible beings for Goku and company like when Beerus first appeared on Earth. And obviously, Goku and Vegeta’s power has grown exponentially since then.

Goku, with the intention of challenging Gohan to a fight?

Ultimately, I cannot say goodbye without talking about what is clearly about the highlight from chapter 101 of the manga: That reference to Son Goku’s potential interest in measuring up to his son after noticing Beast Gohan’s ki for the first time.

  • When Beast Gohan originally woke up before Cell Max, Goku and Vegeta were unable to sense its power as they were fully focused on their own combat.
  • As a reference they only had Bulma’s words, with which she said that Gohan could have even surpassed them at that time. With that alone Goku and Vegeta don’t seem to have it all together, but The situation changes radically when Gohan transforms into a Beast before Carmine.
  • What happen? Well, seconds later we have Goku before his eldest son and with a note from the editor of the chapter that mentions the following: Is Goku thinking about…? And no, he is not talking about a barbecue that could be possible, but about the intention of fight Gohan to see how powerful he is.
dragon ball super
Is this more than just a family visit? The answer is yes

Things as they are, if it were another character, one could propose more scenarios, even asking Gohan to help Broly use his anger to unlock his true power (a possibility that I have previously raised). But it’s Goku, and we all know that it does mean that If he meets a warrior equal to or more powerful than him, he will challenge him without a second thought.

Obviously, in view of manga chapter 102 of “Dragon Ball Super” what we have more numbers to see directly treated is neither more nor less that potential duel between Goku and Gohan. It could always be that Toriyama and Toyotaro chose to start the chapter from a different point, but the action seems to have focused quite a bit on that reunion. Therefore, I imagine that the February 20 episode will be one led above all by the intentions of the protagonist of the franchise.

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