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Dandadan” is one of the most anticipated anime of 2024, and its manga has been one of the most consistent successes of the series for some time now. Shounen Jump. This story that mixes elements of action and comedy with a supernatural tone aims to be one of the big bombs that we will see in the anime sector soon, but To ‘see’ you first have to know where, and today it has been confirmed that Netflix will also host the premiere.

Dandadan, increasingly available to more viewers

Next I leave you with all the information that has been confirmed about the broadcast of “Dandadan”, an anime that will start in a few months (via AnimeTV):

  • Indeed, the news of the day is that the anime of Dandadan can be seen on Netflix. The broadcast on said platform will follow the weekly plan that will begin during the month of October, with Dandadan being a fall anime as previously confirmed. 😍
The Dandadan anime can be seen on both Netflix and Crunchyroll (initially)
  • It must be said that Netflix will NOT be the only option to watch the Dandadan anime once its broadcast begins, and that is because Some time ago it was announced that Crunchyroll would also be an alternative. 😎
  • Will this dual accessibility broadcast be one that occurs equally throughout the world? At first it is as announced, but until the premiere of the Dandadan anime is just around the corner It is always possible that each region ends up managing the license in one way or another. 🤔
  • On the other hand, it is worth remembering that Vinland Saga is an anime that was already in a similar position to the Dandadan anime. Season 2 of the MAPPA anime aired simultaneously on both Crunchyroll and Netflix, and that is a situation that viewers in Spain could enjoy without going any further. 😁

What can be made clear above all from the Netflix announcement regarding the “Dandadan” anime is that it is clear that This is going to be a very important production in the sector, and as such all the necessary doors are being opened so that it reaches the largest audience possible.. This situation is similar to that of “Kaiju No. 8”, which premieres this spring and will be seen both through Crunchyroll and… Twitter. And no, it is not a joke. Now, we just have to wait for the next few months to resolve the doubts that still remain about “Dandadan” (such as its official release date).

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