Alpha Pictures license Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine

Alpha Pictures license Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine

Alpha Pictures took advantage of his Christmas greeting to announce the new movie license of Detective Conan. Is about Black Iron Submarine, the twenty-sixth and most recent installment of the franchise based on Gosho Aoyama’s manga will soon arrive in Spanish theaters. The animated film will open in Japanese theaters on April 14, 2023.

The action of the film will revolve around an underwater facility called Pacific buoy. There has been launched a new global security system, which connects surveillance cameras from different organizations with a revolutionary facial recognition system. Of course, Conan and the Junior Detectives are there, thanks to an invitation from Sonoko. Unfortunately for him, the situation takes a radical turn when Subaru informs him that gin has murdered an agent Europol in Germany. Right at that moment, the Organization makes an appearance at the Buoykidnapping an engineer with the aim of stealing a crucial USB from her.

The film crew recovers assets from past deliveries. Yuzuru Tachikawa (Mob Psycho 100, Death Parade) returns as director five years after directing the most successful film in the series at the time: the zero case. Another member who continues in the team is takeharu sakuraiwho with this screenplay his seventh film of Detective Conanafter the scarlet bullet. Finally, it has also been confirmed that Yugo Kanno (the halloween bride, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) is once again in charge of the soundtrack.

This is the fifth consecutive film of Detective Conan to be released in Spain, after the zero case, The Blue Sapphire Fist, The Scarlet BulletY Halloween Bride. These last two can already be purchased in double DVD format next to his special counterpart: Scarlet Alibi Y Love Story at Police HQ, respectively. Both packs are available through the website of Sports worldto buy both together and separately.

Font: Alpha Pictures

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