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Alya’s Russian waifu Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian is getting an anime

A press release officially announced the production of an anime adaptation of the light novels written by sun sun sun and illustrated by momoco, Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian (Tokidoki Bosotto Russia-go by Dereru Tonari no Aalya-san), also known asRoshidere“. The statement did not reveal production details or a scheduled release date, but it did reveal a special video to celebrate the adaptation, featuring sumire uesaka playing the protagonist.

The video is also available in Russian, according to the original story:

momoco, who is handling the art for the original light novels; and Saho Tenamachiwho is in charge of the manga adaptation, shared a series of visuals to celebrate the adaptation announcement.

This is one of the most popular light novels among the Internet community in Japan, standing out for the design and personality of its female protagonist and even reaching ninth position on the list. Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! 2022, published in Japan. Besides, sun sun sun began publishing the light novels through the publishing label Sneaker Bunko from the publisher kadokawa in February 2021 in Japan.

voice cast

  • sumire uesaka as Alisa Mikhailovna “Alya” Kujou.
  • Kouhei Amasaki as Masachika Kuze.

Synopsis for Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian

「“И на меня тоже обрати внимание.” “What did you say?” “Nothing special. All I said was ‘This guy is really stupid.’ “Would you please stop insulting me in Russian!?” 」Aalya, a beautiful silver-haired Russian girl who sits next to Masachika, had a triumphant smile on her face. However, the reality of the situation was different. What she actually said in Russian was “Pay attention to me too!” In fact, Masachika can really understand Russian. However, Aalya has no idea that he can understand her. Today once again, she says sweet words to him in Russian, and Masachika just can’t stop smiling to himself. A teen romantic comedy with a Russian schoolgirl that everyone would love!

Fountain: comic natalie

(c) Sunsunsun, Momoco 2023

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