An AI imagines a hyper-realistic version of Ryuko Matoi

The protagonist of Kill la Kill undergoes a complete transformation, leaving her animated version behind

Kill la Kill“is one of those works of Trigger in which if what you want to see is spectacular animation and unique and fluid action scenes like few others in the entire anime industry, then you are in the right place. Furthermore, all the madness of the context fits wonderfully with a protagonist as dynamic as she is. Ryuko Matoiwhich in fact is the protagonist today of a small exercise in which see her under a realistic cloak like she has never worn before.

This is what an Artificial Intelligence creates that the protagonist of Kill la Kill should look like in real life

Without further ado, I leave you below with the images he has shared @MySmartArts1 about the small transformation process that has been carried out:

Although both images have been published only one day apart, the truth is that a marked difference can be found in the character’s face. Most notably, in the version on the right the AI ​​appears to have used more Eastern traits than the Westerners on the left. In any case, In the two images the factor of hyperrealism is captured wonderfully..

AND For those who don’t have much idea about what “Kill la Kill” is or its protagonist caught your attention, I will comment on a couple of things:

In case anyone harbors any hope that in the future the “Kill la Kill” anime will announce a season 2, it is worth saying that what is expected is the pure definition of flipping a coin. As I say, given that “Kill la Kill” does not have any written material to adapt beyond what was created precisely to accompany the anime at the time, the typical future prediction cannot be made. That’s why, If at some point a sequel takes shape, this will be because Trigger has had the will to suddenly expand the universe.

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