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An ex-idol recommends watching pornography as a couple

During the live showNew York Renai Ichiba (ニューヨーク恋愛市場)“, the former idol unit member HKT48, Haruka Kodamarecommended to a couple who had not had sex for a while that they they should watch porn togetherand the host Hiromasa Yashiki (屋敷裕政) he was quite surprised by the statement.

“New York Renai Ichiba” is a variety show on ABEMA in which comedians kazuya shimasa and Hiromasa Yashiki they attempt to romantically approach the realities of “men” and “women”. On February 7, the guests were Haruka Kodama and Metal Bat (金属バット).

That day a new segment was broadcast in which the directors pondered how couples locked in a fight could reconcile. The advisors were Shimasa, two guests from Metal Bat (金属バット) and Kodama herself. The first participants were a couple who have been dating for five years and living together for three. The woman in this couple mentioned that they have the following rules in place:

  • Do not have contact with women outside of work“; “If you have contact with a woman, report it to your partner“; “If you go out drinking in a group and there is a woman, inform your partner, and do not sit next to the woman“; “don’t look at pornography“; Don’t use emojis like hearts in your chats with other women“; “If she asks you to check your phone, do it immediately“.
Haruka Kodama

As for why he imposes such strict rules, The woman pointed out that her boyfriend is an ex-presenter, so he has a lot of ease with other women, and revealed that she was worried that he would be unfaithful.. The boyfriend, on the other hand, pointed out that she has never been unfaithful and has been following the rules for three years now hoping that she will finally start trusting him.

When Yashiki asked: “Won’t you let him watch porn?“, the groom replied: “I have lost interest in porn since i stopped watching it“. However, the bride replied: “I’m sure it still does, because when I check its history it shows empty in some parts“.

But the girlfriend also pointed out her disagreement with a certain situation, saying: “We haven’t had sex for about a year. When I banned him from porn, our sexual activities decreased“. When Yashiki asked surprised by all the prohibitions the bride had imposed, the groom just nodded his head.

And Yashiki concluded: “The bride seems to have gone too far, causing the groom to lose interest in women, including her. Maybe she lost her male virility, she’s created a monster“. It was here that Kodama unexpectedly intervened in the conversation, saying: “watch porn together“. Yashiki was surprised and said: “Isn’t this the first time Kodama-chan has said something like that?“. And Kodama continued: “I think it’s better to watch pornography. I see no point in restricting it. I think that and fidelity are two different things, so I think it’s okay to let that activity slide.“.

In response to Kodama, Yashiki said: “That may be true, bed work can be hard if you don’t have porn as a reference.“, but the girlfriend rejected the idea of ​​looking at pornography as a couple, and only replied: “Alright! I can let you look at pornography!“. So we can say that Kodama’s advice, while daring, made some sense.


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