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There is only a little month left until spring delights us with the new anime productions that we will enjoy throughout 3 months (in most cases), and without a doubt “Go Live” will star in one of the most sought-after returns to action by viewers of the anime industry. After 4 seasons, this phenomenon that fuses romance and science fiction continues to go strong, and today All the details regarding the debut of the fifth season have been finalized.

The Date A Live anime will premiere its season 5 in just over a month

Below I leave you with all the details that ANN has published About the premiere of the new anime season of “Date A Live”:

  • It’s official: The Date A Live anime premieres its fifth season on April 10, 2024. This date implies a return of the franchise two years after season 4 of the Date A Live anime aired, which also debuted as part of the spring quarter of 2022. 😉
  • The studio in charge of season 5 of the Date A Live anime is Geek Toys, which first got its hands on the franchise with the Date A Bullet spin-offs and later with season 4 of the anime. Prior to Geek Toys, the Date A Live anime had fallen into the hands of multiple studios, such as JC Staff or Production IMS (among others). 😮
  • Likewise, I will remember that for season 5 of the Date A Live anime it was already confirmed at the time that there would be up to 12 anime episodes available. The fact is not really surprising, and is that it is common within the franchise itself. 🤗

I mentioned it at the time, but the fifth season of the “Date A Live” anime will end up leaving the plot very close to the conclusion of the original story. This means that I wouldn’t be surprised if season 5 was the last one to follow the current format to perhaps herald a series of conclusive films. Failing that, the situation could also arise that a season 6 and finale of the anime would be announced. In any case, we will have to wait to see how much season 5 adapts from the light novel that can define this final stretch of the adaptation.

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