Anime season 7 release date and official trailer

My Hero Academia“It will return once again in 2024, that is something we have known very well for a good handful of months. Likewise, it was also confirmed at the time that season 7 of the anime (which is the one we are dealing with) would premiere in a date to be determined spring 2024. Obviously, it was normal to assume that this would happen in the month of April as it always happens in the spring quarter, and although it is still true… The new content will take a little longer to wait.

Everything about the premiere of season 7 of My Hero Academia

Before leaving you with all the details to know about the return of the “My Hero Academia” anime, take a look at the promotional trailer for this new season (via animetv):

And now yes, write down the following information so you don’t miss anything about the premiere of the seventh season of the “My Hero Academia” anime:

  • First of all, I leave you with the information that interests you all the most: My Hero Academia season 7 starts on May 4, 2024. 😎
  • May? But isn’t the normal thing in spring a premiere in April? Well yes, but it has an explanation: the anime will return with a miniseries of recap episodes. 😅
  • Thus, in April 2024, what is called “My Hero Academia Memories“, which will have the following distribution:
    • Episode 1: April 6.
    • Episode 2: April 13.
    • Episode 3: April 20.
    • Episode 4: April 27.
  • In this way, once the broadcast of this recapitulation series called My Hero Academia Memories ends, that will be when season 7 of the anime in question begins to air normally. The detail is important that The extension of the seventh season of the anime has NOT been confirmed, but obviously starting the broadcast in this way makes you think. 🤔

This seventh season of “My Hero Academia” still has enough material to justify a production of +20 episodes again, but starting with a whole month of recapitulation tells me that this is not exactly going to be the case. Yes, it is true that the “My Hero Academia” anime is no stranger to these processes, but not of such a long duration, which could imply that work is being done to balance the consumed content of the manga in relation to the future of the anime. It will definitely be worth seeing how BONES has handled this season of the anime and if this ‘My Hero Academia Memories’ thing is made with a season 8 in mind.

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