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Another anti-lolis YouTuber is accused of being a pedophile

On more than one occasion we have talked about personalities television, journalism or even the Internet that in their social networks they have spoken out against the content of “lolis“, the anime illustrations that show underage characters in sexual situations, labeling it as “content for pedophiles”, and evidently as “pedophiles” to those who consume them.

The strange thing is that this definition has been expanded even for those illustrations that have nothing sexual about them, but still they keep calling those they like “pedophiles”. Anyway, today we will talk about “SethTheProgrammer“, a popular YouTuber with almost a million subscribers who dedicates his content to comics and video games.

In a since-deleted post, the popular YouTuber responded to a thread of people who were “sex-talking” about Eri, the adorable girl from Boku no Hero Academia. The post he responded to read: “In theory, Eri would be the best female to have sex with because when you cum, she can rewind you to a state where you had all your cum.».

Yes, the original post is definitely tacky, and even more so is the reply, which wrote: “You also forgot that when her pussy gets flaccid, she can go back to her tight 7 year old pussy.». The answer is worse, but surely it was just a couple of guys making out edgys on social networks, and we cannot ensure that they really intended to do this in real life. Anyway, “SethTheProgrammerHe responded to both, saying:

  • «“It’s just a drawing.” No, you are all criminals».

The comments were definitely in poor taste, and the YouTuber’s response to the comments is understandable. In fact, if things had stayed that way, it wouldn’t even have been news to report. What happened, however, was that recently a video of more than three hours emerged where evidence was presented that “SethTheProgrammer” is a horrible person in real life.

And no, we are not referring to his appearance, but to his humanity. In the video, promoted by popular YouTuber “KEEMSTAR“, “SethTheProgrammer” is accused of lying, stealing money, recording friends without permission, sexual harassment, manipulative behavior and, oh surprise!, pedophilia. In particular, He is accused of “grooming”, an English term that refers to the action of a pedophile to befriend and establish an emotional connection with a minor, to gain his trust and then abuse him.

It is incredible how many people label lolis as child pornography, only to later discover that they themselves were pedophiles who attacked flesh and blood minors. In short, we never know the reality of the person who launches opinions behind the mask offered by social networks, but this situation did not go unnoticed by Internet users:

  • «Oh my god, this is the, hmm, I don’t know how many times this has happened already».
  • «Not only him, but a wide variety of other Dragon Ball YouTubers are like that behind the scenes. They usually have a group of followers that do damage control for them. But it seems that this subject no longer has a way out».
  • «And the list keeps getting bigger and bigger».
  • «This is the purest state of hypocrisy».
  • «I love it when people like him who label anime as something for pedophiles end up being the real criminals. The twists and turns of life».
  • «It is a never-ending story, whenever someone complains louder than the others, it is to hide their true sins.».
  • «Those who point their fingers the most are the ones who have the most bodies stored in the closet».
  • «As always, the anti-lolis projecting their own pedophilia on others».
  • «Goebbels said it well, “the most intelligent trick used in the propaganda against Germany during the war was to accuse Germany of what our enemies did”».

Fountain: @BepDelta on Twitter

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