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Another bookstore in Akihabara closes its doors after 17 years

Yurindo 2

The world of literature and also the streets of Akihabara in Japan they will be sad from 2023because one of the largest and most famous stores of the company yurindo found in Yodobashi Camera will close its doors.

Yurindo 1
Yurindo Yodobashi Camera

This news was released through the official account of Twitter of the company, the closing date being the January 9, 2023In addition, in the publication they thank the clientele for their support in the time they have been active.

To give a bit more context, Yadobashi is a commercial chain whose headquarters are located in shinjukubut it has several locations throughout the country, it is a store that has a wide variety of products, from electronic products to books, and this store has 9 floors, most of which are electronics or household appliances.

Yurindo 2
Yodobashi Camera Akihabara

It also has floors or sections dedicated to household items such as celebrities Kotatsu (table with blankets and heating) that one sees in many anime and manga accompanied by scenes where they eat tangerines in winter.

It also has restaurants or sectors to eat, due to the large size of the store, but there is a sector that we have come to mention, which is the Literature section or floor, where they sell everything from bookstore items such as sheets, markers, books and what refers to the otaku culture mangas and comics.

Yurindo Yadobashi bookstore in Akihabara closes its doors

It is precisely this part of the store that has reported that it will close its doors after having started 17 years ago to distribute both manga and books for all tastes, it should be noted that only the store yurindo is the one that closes.


Some of the twitter comments for closure are:

  • The number of bookstores in Akihabara has decreased by
  • I used to use it a lot to buy specialized books
  • I liked to buy books here, drink coffee at Yurindo cafe, eat soba noodles standing up and go home.
  • A bookstore with a good selection of technical engineering books is here again.
  • There are some Yurindo disappearing
  • Many thanks. The number of favorite bookstores is constantly decreasing. Really! It was the last book-related stronghold of Akihabara!
Yurindo 3

Until the publication of this article, it was not reported whether the bookstore will be replaced by another of the same category or a different one, but it is not surprising that several bookstores are disappearing due to the effects of the pandemic.

As in the case of Sega that after its name change, it has closed some stores in Akihabara and in other popular centers in Japan. Surely we will continue to hear or read this type of news.

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