Are you going to the cinema to see Blue Giant? Well you can take this great gift

Blue Giant“is one of the big anime premieres that we have scheduled for cinemas in Spain in 2024, a film that in Japan has already been celebrating 1 year since its premiere but, for whatever reason, internationally It took a LOT longer to wait than most movies. of Japanese animation released in recent years. Luckily, the wait in question is about to come to an end, and to sweeten the premiere from Select Vision They have confirmed a very special gift.

The Blue Giant movie can leave you a very special gift for going to the cinema

Next I leave you with everything that Selecta Visión has reported about the gift that awaits us in theaters for going to see the “Blue Giant” movie:

  • First of all, I remember that Blue Giant premieres in cinemas in Spain this Friday, March 8, 2024. 🤗
  • Well, it will be from that first day that A small booklet will begin to be distributed that will serve as a sample of the Blue Giant manga, which will begin to be published in Spain during June of this year (Manga District will be in charge of it). 😮
  • It is important to keep in mind that this little gift among Blue Giant viewers will be only while stocks last, but Selecta Visión also recommends consulting with the cinema you go to.. It is possible, therefore, that not all movie theaters receive this incentive or at least not the same stock. Therefore, those who hurry the most to attend the premiere will logically be the ones with the best chance of winning the script. 🤔

For those who are curious, I will remember that “Blue Giant” tells the story of a young Japanese man who, despite dedicating his free time to basketball, is completely hypnotized by jazz when attending a concert. From that point on, he will practice the saxophone relentlessly until he is able to produce the same type of music.

Personally, I have every intention of going to the cinema to see “Blue Giant” since I am convinced that it is a film that could be very worthwhile. On the other hand, if I’m honest I don’t have much confidence that it will do much at the box office, and things are what they are: its popularity in Spain must be close to 0. In this sense, it is really difficult to have a long stay in the cinemas of our country, so in this case I highly recommend going as soon as possible if you intend to see “Blue Giant.”

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