Ash’s final season in the Pokémon anime can now be seen on Netflix Spain

It’s been quite a few months since the news broke: The story of Ash and Pikachu in the Pokémon anime came to an end. Shortly after that, Japanese fans were able to enjoy this conclusion. Time later (too much, in my opinion) We were able to enjoy these episodes in Spain through the Boing channel.

Today, the news I bring you is that this ending of the anime has become more accessible. And it is that The final season of Ash and Pikachu has been added to the Netflix Spain catalog. Below, I will tell you in more detail what has arrived.

Ultimate Pokemon Journeys

Ash’s ending in the Pokémon anime, now on Netflix Spain

This is all the information about it:

  • On the one hand, Netflix has added “Pokémon Ultimate Journeys“. This is the season 25 from the anime, and their 42 episodes. ✅
  • Taking into account that the platform already had “Pokémon Travel” (T.23) and “Pokémon Masters Journeys“(T.24), we now have Ash’s latest saga complete. ❤️
  • In addition to this, he has also joined Netflix “Adventures of a Pokémon Master“. ❗️
  • What is this exactly? Well it’s about 12 episodes that close Ash’s story, once his adventures with Goh conclude in “Pokémon Ultimate Journeys”. ⭐️
  • Link to watch “Pokémon Ultimate Journeys” on Netflix. 👀
  • Link to watch “Adventures of a Pokémon Master” on Netflix. 👀
Ultimate Journeys Pokemon Ash Goh Alistair

To finish, I want to point out one detail. Personally, I’m not entirely sure if we can consider “Adventures of a Pokémon Master” as something independent or simply as the final chapters of “Definitive Pokémon Journeys”. This does not affect the viewing time in the slightest, but I wanted to reflect my doubt. What do you think? I look forward to your impressions in the comments.

And here comes the information about the Ash’s final landing in the Pokémon anime on Netflix Spain. For those of you wondering what comes after this, the answer is “Pokémon Horizons“. This is a brand new anime that has Liko as its main protagonist.

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