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Author of No Game No Life talks about the second season

It is impossible to deny that No Game No Life It is an extremely popular franchise around the world, however, part of this popularity derives from the fact that this franchise ended up becoming a reference on the “series that never had a second season“, and eventually became a meme on its own.

But it seems that the author of the original light novels, Yuu Kamiyadecided to finally answer the question that most of his followers have, what happened to the second season of the anime of No Game No Life? The author shared a series of posts on Twitter that wrote the following:

  • «I have been asked: “Will there be a second season of No Game No Life?” so many times from all over the world, that now I can even know when they are asking me even without having to translate it. The answer is always the same: “I as an author would also like to know”».
No Game No Life

However, another fan asked in the responses if the author had intentionally asked for the ending of the anime adaptation to be completely different from the original light novels, with the intention that there would never be a second season.. It seems that this comment really caught the attention of the author, especially since it was pointed out that, due to that changed ending, it is extremely difficult to make a second season that continues the story properly. Kamiya explained:

  • «I already talked about this a few years ago, but at that time the director asked if there was the possibility of adding an ending with an ironic touch, since he did not know what would come next. I immediately proposed the end of the sixth volume of the novels, which I was writing at the time. In a sequel they can go back in timeline or even change the story, so that’s not the problem.».
No Game No Life

And he concluded by explaining his own theories:

  • «So I can’t tell you what is the reason why there is no second season, but it is not a problem of money, much less with someone else. Perhaps the problem is that “it was done too well”, so much so that it is difficult to make a second season with the same quality.».

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