Berserk vol. 41 will have several editions

Berserk vol. 41 will have several editions

next march Panini Comics will put on sale the expected I take 41 of Berserking, the first published in Spain after the death of Kentaro Miura and the last in which material made by the author is included. That is why the publisher wants this release to be special and that is why it has prepared several editions, coinciding with the release of dur-an-kithe unique volume created and supervised by Miura and performed by Studio Gaga.

He 23 of March will go on sale on I take 41 of Berserking in the usual tankoubon edition and which will include on this occasion a reversible miniposter. The price of this volume will be €10. Along with this release, the single volume also goes on sale dur-an-kiwhich will also include a mini poster and will have a price of €10.

Panini Comics It will also offer the possibility of being able to get hold of the normal edition of Berserking 41 and dur-an-ki in a special packwhich in addition to including a poster printed on both sides of 52 x 41 cm, is special because the volume of Berserking of this pack will have a alternate dust jacket different from the normal edition. The price of this pack will be €20.
price will be €20.

In addition to the normal editions and the special pack, volume 41 of Berserk will have a special edition which will include a spectacular leaf with an illustration of Berserking in foam board about 17 x 22 cm, a volume similar to the normal edition but with the gold stamped logo and the aforementioned double-sided poster, all for €25.

Panini Manga has published in tankoubon format up to volume 40 of Berserkingbeing the last one launched in our country in March 2019. The publisher resumed the publication of the work from volume 37 until 40, continuing with the collection that previously had EDT and that reached up to volume 36. In addition, the publisher has published this masterpiece of seinen manga in an edition Maximum double volume with A5 format (150×210) having already published 20 volumes. Apart from the manga itself, the catalog includes the novel Berserk: Knight of the Fire Dragon and the book Berserk: Official Guide.

Berserking has positioned itself as one of the most popular works and best sellers in the medium, on which more than 50 million copies are in circulation worldwide. This manga of epic cut and dark fantasy written and drawn by Kentaro Miura, it began its journey through a “pilot” that he presented in 1988. The official publication began in 1989 in the (defunct) magazine Animal House and turned to the pages of the young animal in 1992. After more than 30 years in serialization and with long breaks, this work has reached the 41 volumes.

An epic and wild journey into a fantasy kingdom. Guts is a warrior dressed in black from head to toe who wields a gigantic sword longer than his own height and a robust iron prosthetic arm…

Fountain: Panini Comics

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