Best Kobeni Chainsaw Man Tattoos, Kobeni Car 2022


Nowadays it is very normal to see tattoos of anything, even anime, I think having your favorite anime character tattooed is very cool, I have seen many Chainsaw Man tattoos in general and since this website is exclusive to Kobeni, I gave the task of collecting the best Kobeni Higashiyama tattoos, I want to mention that at the moment there are not many Kobeni tattoos on the internet, I suppose there are more but many do not usually share it on social networks. I have updated the article so added a couple more hope you enjoy this post.


What do you think of Kobeni’s tattoos? Personally, they are all very good and it is a great job by the tattoo artist, if you find any other Kobeni tattoo, do not hesitate to share it with me on my Instagram, so I can add it to this article and complement it. The point of this publication is that it is the publication with the most Kobeni tattoos collected, with the best tattoos of course


I found a short video of a Chainsaw Man tattoo with a fast camera on YouTube, the details are not very well appreciated since it was recorded somewhat far away but even so I will add it to this article to complement it, the tattoo is of Makima with Denji and the result it’s great. Would you get a Chainsaw Man tattoo? I guess for the first tattoo it would be strange, right? I think there is more chance that someone with a tattoo will get a new one of Chainsaw Man, I think so.

Chainsaw Man TASAKI Jewelry

Opinion, Kobeni Chainsaw Man’s Best Tattoos

Finally I want to share an opinion about Chainsaw Man’s tattoos and anime in general. There are fans who buy anime merchandise, from plush toys, manga, figures, clothes, etc. There are also fans who decide to get that character that they love so much tattooed on their skin, that seems very cool to me, personally I don’t have any tattoo, but I think I’m not even able to understand what it means to have something that I appreciate too much tattooed, I mean , definitely not the same as having some special garment on, maybe yes, I don’t know.


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