Black Butler: Public School Arc

It’s been 7 years since “Black Butler” will leave us with its most recent anime sample, and if we talk about an episodic season the truth is that we have to look even further back. Fortunately, things will change soon through the anime of ‘Public School Arc‘, which will air during the spring anime season. Today, luckily, we finally have confirmation of the release date of the new “Black Butler” anime.

Black Butler anime returns during the second week of April 2024

Next I leave you with the information that has been shared. @SugoiLITE about the premiere of “Black Butler: Public School Arc”:

  • Essentially there is one main news to break, and that is the Black Butler: Public School Arc premieres on April 13, 2024. Indeed, it looks like it will be one of the late releases of spring (many of the anime debut during the first week of the month). 🤗
black butler
The countdown officially begins until the premiere of Black Butler: Public School Arc
  • As some of you may be wondering: this season of the Black Butler anime will resume the plot from volumes 14/15 of the manga, specifically regarding what follows what is narrated by the film ‘Book of the Atlantic’, let it all be said, skipped some manga chapters in the adaptation process. 😉
  • Black Butler as such is a manga that is still in publication, and at this point it has 33 volumes released. As you can see, the anime hasn’t even adapted the first half of the story at this point, so one thing is certain: Black Butler: Public School Arc will by no means be the last of the anime in the franchise. 😁
  • Two final comments I want to make are that We still don’t know the exact length of this anime seasonand on the other hand it was Crunchyroll the streaming platform that was in charge of confirming its broadcast. 😶

I have little doubt that the return of “Black Butler” is one of the most anticipated events in a spring quarter that, honestly, is going to be packed with renowned anime. Between “KonoSuba”, “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, “My Hero Academia” and more returns to action, the truth is that the months of April to July are going to have some good gunpowder. On the other hand, the big question will remain after the fact: will more “Black Butler” anime be announced after the conclusion of this season or will we have to wait a good handful of years again?

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