Blue Giant advances its release date in Spain and shows a trailer dubbed into Spanish

Blue Giant“has been expected internationally, and the original premiere of the film took place in Japan almost a year ago. This is by far one of the anime premieres that has been delayed the longest in recent years, but It looks like it will be worth the wait. Plus, today Select Vision has left us with very good news, and that is that The distributor has confirmed that the theatrical release will occur sooner than expected.

The premiere of Blue Giant in Spanish cinemas will arrive sooner than expected

Before moving on to the details of the Selecta Vision advertisementI leave you with the official trailer that presents the dubbing of the “Blue Giant” movie:

And now yes, point all information confirmed about the premiere of “Blue Giant” in Spain:

  • Originally, Blue Giant announced its release date in Spain for March 22 2024. However, Selecta Visión has managed to speed things up and now it turns out that We will be able to go to theaters starting March 8, 2024 (a Friday) to see the premiere. 😍
  • Another confirmation that is quite obvious, especially as a result of the new trailer they have provided, is that Blue Giant will have multiple audio options in its theatrical release: VOSE, Spanish dubbing and also Catalan dubbing, demonstrating that despite being a not very well-known franchise at this point there is room to support the multiple languages ​​of the country. 🤗
  • What’s still up in the air, on the other hand, is the official list with the cinemas that will host the premiere from Blue Giant, although that is completely normal. This list usually arises a few days before the premiere, perhaps up to a week, so it is most likely that we will clear up our doubts once we enter the month of March itself. 😉

“Blue Giant” is a film that, without making the usual tremendous box office of anime in Japan, managed to obtain really good reviews and the general consensus that a magnificent adaptation of Shinichi Ishizuka’s work had been achieved. So much so, that in Japan she has been nominated as one of the candidates to win the ‘Best Animation’ award last year. If you are a fan of anime, I definitely encourage you to support one of what will potentially end up being one of the best releases in the sector in recent years.

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