Blue Lock reigns among the 10 best-selling mangas of 2023, emulating a great feat of Slam Dunk

It was clear at the time that “Blue Lock” hit the mark with a formula of gigantic value: releasing a football anime in which spectacularity prevailed when we were precisely in the middle of the World Cup. Not only that, but also until its elimination, the reality is that seeing Japan was quite a the sensations of the competition. A few longer months later, the the final fruit of all this: “Blue Lock” is officially crowned as the best-selling manga in the entire fiscal year of 2023.

This is how manga sales have been in the fiscal year of 2023

Next I leave you with the graph that has been shared @WSJ_mangain which you can clearly see the 10 mangas that have been most successful in the fiscal year of 2023 (which is not natural, hence the data will now be released at the end of November):

blue lock manga sales 2023
This is how the 10 best-selling manga of the entire fiscal year of 2023 are

And obviously, it’s time to talk in detail about what these sales results mean:

  • First of all, we must highlight the brutal performance of Blue Lock; Not only are we officially talking about the best-selling manga in the entire fiscal year of 2023, but also the only one that with its 10.5 million copies sold has managed to register double digits in sales. 🤯
  • Another aspect that must necessarily be highlighted about Blue Lock’s achievement is that, as they point out from @WSM_manga, It was not since 1996 with Slam Dunk that we saw a spokkon (sports manga) rise as the best-selling work of the entire year. 😮
  • And precisely speaking of Slam Dunkit’s absolutely impressive that the manga ended like the sixth best-selling work. The impact of The First Slam Dunk was brutal at the time, and was thus noted in the physical sale of manga. 😎
  • Ultimately, it should be noted that Jujutsu Kaisen and One Piece close a box of triumph that not many come close to. We will have to see how the market changes/evolves by the time Gege Akutami’s work is finished, which has not been too far from its end for a few months now. 🤔

While it is true that sales of the “Blue Lock” manga have slowed in recent months (normal, the anime effect is starting to fade), it is no less true that this will possibly rebound again with the arrival of 2024. Why? Well because we have the confirmed premiere of the film dedicated to ‘Episode Nagi’ and potentially the premiere of the second season of the anime. Come on, “Blue Lock” as Japan’s reference manga may not be a coincidence, so we will have to see how this anime that has returned sports to the top of the sector starts next year.

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