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Bocchi the Rock! delight otakus with “zukulento” outfits


Despite the fact that several weeks have passed since the anime adaptation of the manga «Bocchi the Rock!» ended, the otaku community continues to hold great affection for the female protagonist, Hitori Gotō (Bocchi), due to her charming shy personality. Twitter account @_CASTSTATION surprised social media users with an illustration of Hitori Gotō in which she appears wearing different outfits that enhance her slender figure and her great bosom.

Bocchi The Rock!  Delight The Otakus With "Zukulentos"  outfits
Illustration of Bocchi the Rock!

The post shows Bocchi wearing a maid outfit, a bunny outfit, a school bathing suit, and her signature sweatshirt over her underwear. The image got an exorbitant number of 4.8 million impressions and reached 215,000 likes.

Some of the comments made by Japanese users when seeing the character illustration were:

  • “Bocchi-chan looks good.”
  • “This is more accurate from the original manga! Too bad the anime version is made for families.”
  • “Is Bocchi-chan’s bust that big? I didn’t think it was that big when I reviewed the original work.”
  • “I miss the anime. I hope they do the second season soon.”
  • “Bocchi tries to wear some kind of clothes, he’s so cute and sexy as hell.”

Previously, we talked about how the mangaka Aki Hamajiauthor of the original work, shared in Twitter an illustration of Hitori Gotō (Bocchi) in a bunny dress.

Bocchi The Rock!  Ring In The New Year With Bocchi As A Bunny With Big "Busty"

The Manga «Bocchi the Rock!» was written and illustrated by Aki Hamaji and began to be published in the magazine “Manga Time Kirara” of the publisher Houbunsha in December 2017. Currently, it has 4 published compilation volumes.

synopsis of Bocchi the Rock!

Gotou Hitori is a gloomy high school girl who starts learning the guitar because she dreams of being in a band, but she’s so shy that she hasn’t made a single friend. However, her dream could come true after meeting Ijichi Nijika, a girl who plays drums and is looking for a new guitarist for her band.

© はまじあき (著) / HOUBUNSHA 芳文社

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