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Boruto | Filler Episode Guide

If there is one thing that Boruto inherited from his father, it was the tradition of including filler episodes in his anime, but have no fear, because we bring here the list of these episodes with an additional story of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, for you. This way they will be able to know what they are and decide whether or not to skip those chapters. To help you with this task, we also have a convenient summary of each of these arcs.

Episodes 16-17

1 Boruto Episodes Filler

In the first episode, we see Denki training his ninjutsu to walk on the wall. Even with Metal Lee’s help, Denki still can’t master the move properly. Iwabe also seems to help, and ends up being helped by Denki in studying him as well. When a fire breaks out, they end up being late for tryouts, but save three people in a building. Shino acknowledges the use of his knowledge in a real situation, and yet approves of it.

In the next chapter, we see Sarada and Chouchou trying to learn how to walk on water from Shino. In the middle of trying to retrieve an order that she lost from her mother, Sarada ends up using the technique, but she gets distracted from it, throws the package at Chouchou and ends up totally wet in front of her friends.

Episodes 33-34

2 Boruto Episodes Filler

In episode 33 we see Inojin fighting with Chojuu Giga jutsu. Sai takes him to drawing classes, but he loses interest and goes to Himawari for advice. When the wind blows away Himawari’s drawing, Inojin manages to use the Chojuu Giga to retrieve it and brings what was drawn to life.

In chapter 34, Boruto and his friends decide to go fishing after seeing the announcement of a legendary trout. In the end, Toneri has a foreboding that a major catastrophe is likely to hit Konoha soon.

Episodes 40-41

3 Boruto Episodes Filler

Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki team up and are now Team 7. Their first mission, led by the Jounin Konohamaru, is to repel the bandits from the village of Monte Verde, who are looking for a bridge deed. However, upon arriving there, they discover that the village chief has been killed, forcing his young daughter Kiri to take over.

When a ninja kidnaps Kiri, the group realizes they need to change their mission. The goal now is to rescue the girl and catch the ninja Iori, who was also responsible for the death of the village leader.

Episodes 48-50

3 Boruto Episodes Filler

In episode 48, we follow the characters about a week after the Byakuya gang incident. After Naruto announces the exams for Genin ninjas to reach Mid-level Chunin, Iwabe worries about the failures he has been making to get involved with Denki and Metal. The situation worsens when Team 5 is tasked with appearing in a movie. When the recordings are cancelled, they end up having to save the filmmakers from a dilapidated building.

In the next chapter, we see Team 15, Hanabi’s squad, tasked with capturing wild animals that ended up being released. Episode 50 shows Konohamaru, Udon, Moegi, and Shino remembering when Boruto and Denki collided with the train car at Hokage’s Hill. Hanabi then discusses the Chunin exam, drinks and gets drunk with Shino, causing a mess that Naruto needs to intervene in.

Episodes 67-70

4 Boruto Episodes Filler

Boruto and Chouchou are tasked with protecting the actors of a soap opera they like, Tomaru and Ashina. When the ninjas attack and Ashina gets hurt, Tomaru suggests that Chouchou replace her in the novel. After finding out that the actor was just playing with her feelings and still has prejudices against fat people, she is completely disappointed and focuses on her mission, not impossible love.

When they return to confront the mysterious ninjas, they discover that it was all Ashina’s frame for attention. When the actress sets off bombs that bring down part of the mountain, Chouchou saves Tomaru. The actor invites her again to participate in the novel, but she says that he prefers to follow her as a ninja.

In episode 70, we see Metal dealing with his anxiety. Although he tries to rely on different types of amulets, the young man only advances when he follows Guy’s advice and faces his anxiety head-on. In a Taijutsu battle with Lee, he manages to execute the Konoha Senpū (Leaf Hurricane) for the first time and wins the fight.

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Episode 81

5 Boruto Episodes Filler

Shikadai and the rest of the group are worried that Boruto will be able to deal with the pain of Mitsuki’s betrayal. Coming to a drastic conclusion, Garaga decides to go after Mitsuki and forcefully take him to the Leaf Village, like Naruto once did with Sasuke.

Episodes 96-97

6 Boruto Episodes Filler

Episode 96 focuses on Namida of Team 15. She is able to use a special technique that paralyzes people’s hearing with her crying, and can even make the opponent faint. However, any mistake in using this technique can make the mission difficult, causing you to stop using it. She then decides to train to become stronger and protect her teammates from him.

In chapter 97, Shikadai decides to enter the world of politics, but he needs to find a way to tell his family and friends about this.

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Episodes 104-105

7 Boruto Episodes Filler

Episode 104 follows Team 7’s mission to help police officers find a jewel thief named Nezumi. On the run, Nezumi hid the jewels and mixed with drunken men on the street, only being arrested as a suspect.

After the search, Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki find a kitten on the street and Mitsuki ends up keeping it. When the animal becomes ill and the thief Nezumi tries to steal it, the group discovers that the criminal had made the cat swallow the stolen jewelry.

The next chapter deals with Mitsuki’s memories, from meeting onoki to the last Vila de la Piedra incident. Orochimaru, who was viewing these memories with Log, is worried and says that it may be necessary to erase Log’s memories.

Episodes 113-119

7 Boruto Episodes Filler

The first three episodes of this series of fillers respectively address the problems that Boruto, Shikadai, lwabe and Wasabi had with the mission to find a rare flower, due to childhood conflicts; the battle that unfolds to decide who will occupy the last “wave” with a famous card game themed after the famous ninjas, Shino or Rock Lee; and a bit of the history of Team 25, a forgotten group of warriors.

In the following chapters, we accompany Boruto and Konohamaru trying to save the young Yoimura Remon from a monster called Sōma and a strange ritual that imprisons the girl. But there are more secrets in this city than the warriors could imagine.

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Episodes 137-140

8 Boruto Episodes Filler

In episode 137, Sumire decides to walk away from Team 15 to join the Ninja Weapon Science Team and dedicate herself to their research. As her friends prepare a farewell party, a samurai from Iron Country appears to fill the vacancy Sumire left on the team.

It’s Boruto’s grandfather Hyuuga Hiashi’s birthday in the next episode. Boruto was in charge of preparing a present for him, but he needs to find out what would make his grandfather happy. In chapter 139, we follow Boruto’s old classmate Enko Onikuma. A member of Team 40, she has been obsessed with summoning animals since her childhood and has managed to develop incredible abilities. However, she begins to lose control over her powers and this may cause her group to split up.

In episode 140, Inojin needs to train his Mind Transfer Jutsu. For that, he enlists the help of Chouchou and his parents, Sai and Ino. With Inojin unable to perform jutsu and needing to work his willpower, Sai and Ino end up arguing.

Episodes 152-156

9 Boruto Episodes Filler

Ninjutsu medical training takes place during episode 152. With only one member from each team allowed to participate, Sarada is chosen from Team 7. As her mother, Sakura, is an expert in the technique, expectations about healing are high. but it turns out that his healing ninjutsu is not that strong, and he tries to hide his frustration and the pressure he feels.

Since Sumire’s departure and Tsubaki’s arrival, Team 15 has been having trouble on their missions, despite the fact that the new member is an excellent samurai. To train their skills, in chapter 153, they decide to compete against each other in missions, but that only makes the situation worse.

Boruto’s younger sister, Himawari, is the focus of episode 154. Interested in knowing the different options she may have for her future, she decides to participate in an experimental class at the Ninja Academy. There, she meets other aspiring ninjas who are irritated by her indecisiveness and criticize her and accuse her of just wanting to have fun there.

In episode 155, Mitisuki goes to take care of her kitten and ends up meeting a lonely man who has become attached to the animal. The mysterious man claims that he came to Konoha to meet his sister. Meanwhile, Team 7 is tasked with protecting a company president who seems unaware that his life is being threatened by a serial killer known as “The Bloodthirsty Killer, Rain.”

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Episodes 256-258

Boruto fillers

Inojin and Cho-Cho believe that they are harming Shikadai after seeing how well Sarada’s team works. However, as they ponder this, Shikadai ends up having to take on a new mission: capturing a group of thieves. The criminals end up where Cho-Cho and Inojin were. Together, the three of them defeat and arrest the thieves, realizing that they also work well as a team.

In episode 257, Konohamaru offers to play Naruto in a movie, after the Hokage is unable to commit. Chapter 258 follows Uzumaki’s family and friends staying at an old haunted inn.

canonical episodes

10 Boruto Episodes Filler

To highlight which are the canonical episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generationsfirst we have to explain one thing: part of the anime is based on the manga, but most of the episodes are an adaptation of the light novel that brought the story of the events after naruto shippuden.

For this reason, the anime story takes even longer to get to the point where the manga already is. For this reason also, we can have the following separations:

All canonical episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
1-15, 18-32, 35-39, 42-47, 51-66, 71-80, 82-95, 98-103, 106-112, 120-137, 141-147, 157-180, 190- 191, 209-211, 221-255, 259-274 (currently)

canonical episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations based on light novels
1-15, 25-32, 35-38, 42-47, 52, 60, 71-80, 82-92, 98-103, 112, 120-137, 141-147, 157-180, 190-191, 221-255, 259-268 (currently)

canonical episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations according to the manga
19-23, 39, 53-59, 62-66, 148-151, 181-189, 193-208, 212-220

Canonical episodes with filler parts from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
18, 24, 51, 61, 93-95, 106-111, 127, 192

filler episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

16-17, 40-41, 67-69, 96-97, 112-114, 116-119. 138-140, 152-156, 256-258

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