Boruto Latin Dubbing: Premiere and Latest News 2023


Boruto has 293 chapters, of which only 52 chapters They were dubbed into Latin Spanish, this is equivalent to 1 of the 6 seasons that the anime is divided into. The company that is in charge of the Spanish version is VIZ Mediathe dubbing began in the year 2020 and to date is still in process, with no end date.

The movie Boruto: Naruto the MovieIt also has its Latin dubbing, but this material belongs to Naruto Shippuden and was released in 2015, a year before the publication of the Boruto manga, with this we deduce that the objective was to see the acceptance that a sequel would have.

Boruto Latin Dubbing

The following chapters that will be dubbed are from the 53 to 104 (season 2). This is not a rumor, since the same vizmedia announced that the Latin dubbing would be continuing and let’s remember that the first 52 dubbed episodes were released in 2021. Then the new dubbing that would cover season 2 would be released this 2023 by crunchyroll either Netflix.

Boruto – Availability:

Boruto has 293 chapters, of which only 52 chapters They have Latin dubbing, you can see these in Netflix, HBO Max either crunchyroll. If you want to see the film in Latin you can do it fromclearvideowhich also has the 52 chapters but subtitles.

Acquisition Platform episodes Movie Country
December 17, 2021 crunchyroll 1-52 Latin America
January 29, 2022 Netflix
May 16, 2022 HBO Max
September 1, 2022 clearvideo 1-52(sub)

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Latest News About Latino Dubbing

On Wednesday, September 28, 2022, the channel of Warner Channel announced the acquisition of borutowhich would be broadcast on wanime, an anime-only block. Boruto would replace Hanyo no Yashahime and will air together with Death Note every Wednesday, starting at 10:00 p.m.

– 09/28/22


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Naruto Shippuden Latin Dubbing: Premiere, News 2023