Bucchigiri?! is MAPPA’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure that fuses Tokyo Revengers with Arabian Nights

Bucchigiri?!“It was one of the animes that aroused the most interest in me of everything that was planned to be released during the winter of 2024, and for a very specific reason: MAPPA I intended to use the concept of ‘Arabian Nights‘ to create a kind of teenage fight story. Obviously the striking idea was a while, and with the broadcast of the first episode It is now possible to get a much clearer idea of ​​what the result of this is (although obviously much remains to be seen).

(In the article I give spoilers about the content of the first episode to be able to comment on everything properly)

Bucchigiri?! It is an amalgamation of concepts that results in a very interesting final product.

I know that the headline I have chosen seems quite far-fetched, but I assure you that it makes sense part by part. That’s why I’m going to do a little breakdown talking about what “Bucchigiri?!” of all the animes I have mentioned.

What does Bucchigiri drink?! from Tokyo Revengers?

  • With Tokyo Revengers things are quite direct: the context of adolescent delinquents.
  • No, there is not the science fiction factor of Tokyo Revengers here, but you will find that essence of street gangs with the added bonus that brute force is practically everything.
  • Also, Bucchigiri?! also shares with Tokyo Revengees the fact of having a protagonist who, at least at first, seems to be much more useless and above all much weaker than everyone around him.

What does Bucchigiri drink?! from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?

  • This is where things get interesting, and what appears to be simply a base of aggressive teenagers has a sudden supernatural turn.
  • Basically, at the moment of greatest uncertainty for the protagonist, he sees how the avatar of a genie he had previously awakened enters his body to offer him completely superhuman strength.
The genie’s power may be reminiscent of how Stands strengthen their user.
  • Indeed, in the same way that many of you will remember Jotaro with his Star Platinumhere there is also that ‘double person’ in which the protagonist is accompanied by a supernatural entity that grants him his special abilities in combat.

About the technical aspects of MAPPA and One Thousand and One Nights

Since this is a MAPPA anime, I am convinced that many of you will expect here a production worthy of the names of “Jujutsu Kaisen”, “Shingeki no Kyojin” and others. And the truth, The first episode does very well especially in terms of the character designs, colors and yes, also animation. I wouldn’t say that it is nor will it be a job that leaves its mark technically, but I am convinced that it is going to be a class one.

The legends of One Thousand and One Nights, at the service of MAPPA’s action against criminals

And as for how you use the theme of ‘the thousand and one nights‘, at least at first it is introduced as the source of the characters’ supernatural abilities. That is, in the same way that you have seen Japanese, Chinese and other mythologies give powers to many anime characters to date, it seems that this time it is the turn of Arab ‘mythology’. Honestly, it’s a twist that already gives a breath of fresh air to everything.

Generally I am very satisfied with the first episode of “Bucchigiri?!”. The anime takes care of collect ideas already seen in other animes that are known to work and also give it its own facelift. Not to mention that, in effect, MAPPA seems to continue to be determined to offer high quality productions. Hopefully, the fact that this is an original anime and not an international IP project will give the animators a little more room to breathe.

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