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Candidate in Argentina promises to dress as Makima if she wins — Kudasai

As we have already mentioned in previous articles, Argentina will hold its presidential elections on October 22 along with the legislative electionsThat is, they will renew both the president and a little more than half of the members of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation and the National Senate, so the candidates are making their last advertising spots before the expected date arrives. which citizens go to the polls to cast their vote.

This is where a recent publication by Lilia Lemoine comes in, who describes herself as an influencer, cosplayer and stylist for the candidate Javier Milei., and who aspires to a seat as a representative in these next elections in Argentina. Leaving aside any matter related to his political direction or her ideals, Lemoine became a trend when he stated that, if he won a seat in Congress, he would appear wearing a Makima cosplay from Chainsaw Man at his inauguration..

  • «When I take office I’m going to cosplay Makima. And I hope that journalists do not internalize too much about the pact she made… Indeed, Kirchnerism is a mental illness. Javier Milei in the first round!», wrote the candidate.

Internet users are not sure if this is a serious statement or a joking one, but the comments were immediate:

  • «The idea is good, but then I remember the Chilean Pikachu and it goes away».
  • «Seriousness in Congress, please. There are already too many clowns there and we are not in a situation of nonsense in the country».
  • «Better a Pochita cosplay and indeed Kirchnerism is a mental illness».
  • «Don’t force me to cut the ticket, I ask you please».
  • «Sorry Milei, but I’m going to cut the ticket».
  • «Shut up for a week, dear.».
  • «I understand that in front of you you have the most corrupt and unvotable criminals in history, but that does not mean that you have to play to lose votes. It is we, the voters of Milei, who ask you for seriousness. So difficult?».
  • «Don’t go too Mongolian».
  • «I withdraw in silence, I stop following you».
  • «Sorry Milei and Vicky, but I’m not with you on this one. He is not up to the task, he should separate his hobbies from work. I’m going to cut the ticket».
  • «And you don’t know about presenting bills?».
  • «Very good Lilia. From the first day focused on what is important to change the lives of all the inhabitants of Argentina».
  • «It’s all good if this is a bait, but if you’re serious it doesn’t matter. There is a place for everything, and Congress is not a place to cosplay».
  • «What’s funny is that they take it as “not very serious.” He literally wears a shirt and tie, what would be the problem?».
  • «I don’t think the situation is right for that, ma’am. Better take things calmly and seriously, and then if you want to go to a session dressed like that, go ahead. Although it will not leave a good impression on the other deputies».

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